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Guide On The Best Swimming Schools For Kids In Delhi

Delhi’s summer is as popular as its delicious momos! Not even kidding, this year the temperature has already touched 49 degrees celsius and people across the city are experiencing heat waves that are driving everyone insane! Therefore, the only way to overcome this scorching heat is to take a dip into the pool. So, in this article, we will focus on the best swimming schools for kids in Delhi. Swimming is one of the most popular activities as kids get an opportunity to swim and play in the water.

Swimming is considered to be a very beneficial activity for kids as it helps them in their overall development and growth. One of the most important health benefits is the strengthening of the lungs and heart. It further aids in building stamina, and endurance thereby improving the body’s flexibility and balance. So, let’s take a dip in some of the best swimming schools for kids in Delhi.

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6 Best Swimming Schools for Kids in Delhi

1. Fitso

The first swimming school that makes it to the top of our list is Fitso. If you’re on the lookout for the best swimming class that not only offers experienced and professional level training but also temperature-controlled pools, then Fitso is an ideal haven for your little swimmers. Apart from the basic swimming lessons, they also teach and focus on the importance of breathing exercises and techniques which are considered to be a prerequisite for swimming. Fitso offers extensive courses on swimming for all the age-groups. All you need is a will and passion to rule the water world!


The swimming school in Delhi offers some of the best-in-class facilities for your little enthusiastic swimmers. Temperature-controlled pools, clean water, and all the swimming essentials are easily accessible and available.


INR 3,000


11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

2. Pacific Sports Complex

Another popular swimming school for your kids in Delhi is the Pacific Sports Complex. The foundation stone for the sports complex was laid in 2003 and since then it has been playing an active role in embracing the swimming skills of kids and adults both.

The sports complex is well supported by a team of professional and highly skilled trainers and instructors who will make your kids a pro at swimming. Apart from swimming, they also offer a fitness center where you can go and unwind from all your stress and laziness. Other than swimming, you can also explore other sports options such as badminton, football, cricket, etc.


One of the best facilities offered by the Pacific Sports Complex is the motivating and positive learning environment where your kids can easily learn and upscale their swimming skills. To add to this, they also offer professional training in various other sports too!


INR 1,500


5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

3. Raj Academy

Mr. Raj is the proud owner of this Academy and he has been offering enriching swimming lessons to kids, women, and men. The academy is located in Neeti Club, and your kids can master the basics of swimming under the expertise of well-qualified and professional trainers and 2 expert lifeguards. The trainers also offer personalized training sessions for a better learning experience.

The academy offers age-appropriate learning lessons for your kids and based on their understanding and learning levels your kids can choose the most suitable swimming lesson. And one thing we can assure you is that your kids will enjoy themselves as the pools are clean and hygienic.


The swimming school offers super clean and tidy swimming pools along with the facilities of trainers and lifeguards for personalized training sessions. With expert swimming coaches, your kids will master the swimming basics quickly and effortlessly.


INR 6,000


6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

4. Khajan Singh Swimming Academy

Another best swimming school for kids in Delhi is the Khajan Singh Swimming Academy. After all, the academy is built in the honor of the swimming legend Khajan Singh. The academy is very spacious and offers the facility of an Olympic sizes swimming pool that is well-equipped with international facilities including well-trained staff and clean and tidy swimming pools. The academy offers swimming lessons for beginners as well as seasoned swimmers.


As already mentioned above, Khajan Singh Swimming Academy offers international facilities for kids so that they can thoroughly enjoy and experience the international swimming standards. A clean and hygienic environment makes this academy a popular choice amongst the kids.


INR 3,500


5:00 am to 8:00 am

5. Yamuna Sports Complex

Apart from swimming, Yamuna Sports Complex also offers extensive coaching sessions on different sports including badminton, tennis, football, cricket, hockey, squash, etc. A very popular sports complex across India, Yamuna Sports Academy is a preferred choice for different sports activities among well-known sports personalities. The pools are very spacious and ideal for all the international level competitions. This is another factor that makes Yamuna Sports Complex a popular choice for swimming amongst the kids.


Yamuna Sports Complex offers the facility of well-trained and exceptionally qualified trainers. The best part about these trainers is that they have also coached national-level swimmers who have represented India at various competitions and championships. To add to this, they also offer swimming equipment for your little ones.


INR 1,950.


6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

6. Junior Swimming Academy

Another underrated swimming school for kids in Delhi is the Junior Swimming Academy which offers a range of different swimming programs for your little swimmers. Charu Mishra the coach and the founder of the swimming academy believes in providing quality swimming training to kids. To date, the academy has trained more than 12,000+ students of all age groups. The academy is running successfully and is one of the most trusted choices of the parents.


Junior Swimming Academy is committed to providing the best and perhaps a safe swimming environment for your tots. The academy also offers separate swimming sessions for kids and families. So, you can even swim together as a family and make up for the lost time!


They offer swimming lessons to kids who are a part of their school swimming team, so get in touch with them to know about the fees.


You can confirm the timings by getting in touch with them.

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Final Words

These are the top 6 swimming schools for kids in Delhi that are not only popular but also offer extensive training programs on swimming. Moreover, these schools also offer all the needed professional help and guidance for your little swimmers so that they can get trained in all the important aspects of swimming.

You can also check out swimming courses offered by PiggyRide for your kids. These courses will help your kids in mastering all the basics of swimming and you can choose the swimming program based on your kid’s learning abilities that are from beginner to intermediate, and advanced-level swimming lessons. To add to this, you can also check out the comprehensive courses offered in cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. Apart from sports, you can also check out courses on yoga, chess, kathak dance, Bharatanatyam, etc. that are conducted under the guidance of professional help.

Parents, kids, and teachers can also keep themselves up-to-date by following our blog section and consuming all the latest and trendy news and information revolving around parenting and extracurricular activities. So, wave goodbye to scorching summer heat by splashing into the pool of memories and fun!

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