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Choose from thousands of Expert tutors in over 100s of categories. Customize your Kids? learning goals according to your needs and make them competent in their areas of interests. You can also view ratings and reviews of other users to take informed decisions before booking.

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Choose according to your schedule and book classes. You can also reschedule/cancel the class in case of any emergencies or last minute changes

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Classes cost as low as 100 INR. Take a FREE trial class with the tutors before buying the classes pack. If you don't like the tutor, you can cancel the classes and opt for any other tutor also

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Learn with experts online at your ease.

Learn a new skill, polish an existing skill, deepen existing passions, explore a new musing, or learn academic subjects with 1-1 online class with the top instructors at PiggyRide Care.

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Manage Your Child's Screen-Time productively With One-on-One Live Classes 

One-on-one tutoring refers to a student studying from and interacting with an instructor on an individual basis, with instruction suited to the student's specific learning speed and needs.

The wonderful part about online tutoring and learning is that it's not restricted by location. Even if the instructor is in another state, the student can still receive online lessons.

Several online tutoring services offer private lessons, but only a few of them care enough to give you the best. Our platform ensures that students have one-on-one interactions, allowing them to study and understand concepts at their own pace and in their way. 

One-on-one training is much more stress-free due to decreased sense of competition and threat. It helps the students focus better on their online tuition classes. Online tutors can readily assess students' strengths and weaknesses in a one-on-one classroom setting, which increases the benefits of online tutor services for the child. The online tuition classes help in overstimulation of the brain and learning, and the instructors develop and adapt to the style of teaching that suits the students. Our one-on-one learning atmosphere allows the children to communicate openly and honestly with their instructor. In our One-on-one classes, the instructor is more committed to listening as well as provides the necessary assistance and attention. One-on-one sessions will be extremely beneficial to students in terms of improving their learning and experience. Private tutoring through online classes and courses can benefit students and learners endlessly by allowing them to examine their talents and traits during online sessions.


There are numerous advantages to enrolling in one-on-one training:

1.It provides a low-stress environment - Children who receive private tutoring no longer feel hesitant or embarrassed while asking a question or failing to give the correct response in class.  Students can now freely express themselves to the teacher and receive the necessary aid and attention. 

2. One-on-one classes allow for more in-depth learning - In group classes, many students ask questions, but the tutor has less time to explain the material thoroughly. But in one-on-one tutoring, the teacher can discuss an important topic in as much depth as they need to build an understanding. It also helps to satisfy the kids' interests and curiosity. 

3. It is both cost economical and time-efficient - It is less economical because you do not have to pay the additional travel fare. Furthermore, one-on-one sessions are worth every cent you pay because the allocated tutor will only be instructing one child. A customized method is used, and the major focus is solely on tailored learning, which saves time. 

4. Boosts Child's Confidence - One-on-one sessions have long been recognized as the most effective way to enhance a child's confidence and help them realize their full potential. Teachers identify students' strengths and weaknesses and work with them to improve. Our tutors also provide feedback on their performance and areas for improvement, which helps students feel confident in their ability to continue in their studies.

5. One-on-one learning goes beyond textbooks - Our online tutoring services extend beyond textbooks to include music lessons, language classes, advanced learning, dancing classes, art classes, physical health classes, and so on. Through hobby classes and numerous free one-on-one workshops, our tutors will aid children in discovering their passion. It's a fantastic opportunity for students to hone their skills and reach new heights.

Our Purpose is to Assist:- 

One of the most significant benefits of online one on one tutoring is that lessons can easily be customized to each student's specific needs. Learners will benefit from the fact that a tutor can adjust the pace, focus, and goals of a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the student, meaning that learning efficiency will be maximized. One-on-one learning allows students to create and accomplish their learning objectives. There is complete support from our end in terms of time and attention. Students receive personalized instruction as well as advanced learning materials.

Students learn through numerous ways and principles while exploring diverse aspects and ideas in our one-on-one online coaching. One of the most significant benefits of our tutoring is that sessions can be easily tailored to each student's specific needs. The tutor can modify the pace, focus, and goals of a lesson according to the student's needs and abilities, resulting in increased learning efficiency. 

So, why are you holding out? Explore our courses and sign up for one-on-one online tutoring right now!