Live Online Chess Course & Classes for Kids from Piggyride

Online Live Chess Training Classes- One-to-One Learning Sessions

"Strategizing, Creative thought, Taking life one move at a time - I think all of that is important," said Bernice Travels."

PiggyRide provides stimulating activities for your kids that are enjoyable and develop analytical, strategical, visual, mathematical, and intellectual skills. We offer basic online chess classes for beginners with no experience and still learning about the different pieces and rules. Chess is more than simply an indoor game; It is a sport for the brain. It is merely discipline disguised as a game. 

Originally the patrons and practitioners of this game were kings. Hence it was called a game of kings and also called the 'game of royalty.' 

 As chess is much like life, we learn little from victory, much from defeat. This game can serve as a medium for the younger generation to apply its techniques and tactics to their life pursuits.


             Educational benefits of chess:

  1. Improves concentration & memory - To play skillfully and dominate their opponent, children must concentrate entirely on the goal of capturing the opponent's king. The ability to concentrate grows as they must imagine the board, its pieces, actions, and the opponent's every conceivable countermove.
  2. It enhances logic, critical thinking & imagination - The player must imagine every potential move his opponent could make. They must strategically & tactfully build their own game to preserve each piece. Chess encourages the mind to play with alternatives, and logical thinking allows them to analyze better in any given situation.
  3. Chess increases math and problem-solving skills. - As a few patterns reappear regularly in chess, a chess player seeks to uncover new things, build problem-solving skills, and advance in math. Certain positions or tactical patterns become habitual. It can aid in the discovery of numerical and geometric sequences in specific mathematical problems. In mathematics, on the other hand, deal with high-level logic, abstract ideas, and creativity. Chess possesses all of these qualities.

So, PiggyRide gives away a subtle learning virtual environment where kids can explore themselves under the guidance of experts. We offer online chess classes to youngsters to help them enhance their IQ, logical thinking, strategic planning, pattern identification, and memorizing skills.

             Perks of our chess training:

  1. You will learn from the Fide-rated chess players.
  2. You will get 1:1 live chess classes.
  3. You will be provided with the best-structured chess curriculum.
  4. No prior chess knowledge is required to begin the chess classes. Our courses are aimed at students ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced.
  5. You will get a chance to learn chess from Grandmasters 
  6. Grandmasters will share their years of experience, as well as effective tactics and insights with you.
  7. Fun & Interactive classes.
  8. Examine the student's game and progress.


Kids will learn strategies, get time to ask questions and have the opportunity to practice with others, just like in a physical chess academy. 

We can help you manage your child's screen time productively. After schoolwork, children frequently watch movies, play video games, or watch cartoons that stunt their brain development. So, chess is an entertaining and intellectual game that comes with a plethora of advantages. 

It is the appropriate age for your child to begin learning chess and developing intellectual abilities such as critical thinking, strategic thinking, and accountability. Chess can impact people's lives in ways that go beyond the chessboard. We should all recognize that chess is more than just a game. So, let's get started with Piggyride today and start learning life skills through a chessboard and its pieces.

We can tell you that kids will like these lessons and will improve in all areas. Learning to play chess is a game-changer for children. From learning the fundamentals to evaluating the game like a pro, from "not knowing which direction to move to checkmate," everything will come effortlessly to them. So don't put it off any longer; sign up for our online chess classes right away!