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PiggyRide provides stimulating activities for your kids which are enjoyable and develop analytical, strategical, visual, mathematical, and intellectual skills. The basic chess classes are for beginners with no experience and still learning about the different pieces and rules. Whereas, our advanced chess lessons for kids who are a notch lesser than becoming the Grand Master.


Empower your child by teaching them the timeless game of strategy and wit: Chess; online. Our chess tutors are international rated players who conduct 90 minutes of online chess lessons for kids thrice a week. The best chess course is the one where your child will learn these skills like perseverance and calculated risk-taking for life. PiggyRide has a completely curated curriculum which is available on a pre-booking basis and can be utilized from the comfort of your home. The link of the online class is shared an hour before the session and is modeled to provide your child with the necessary tactics. Just like a physical chess academy, they will learn strategies, get time to ask questions, practice with others, and some ideas to work on till the next session. So if your child is between the age of 6 to 18 years then it is time to stop searching for 'chess academy near me' and enrolling to PiggyRide.


Learning chess online will not just save time but also help you utilize these unprecedented times and make the most of it. Our chess tutors understand that every child's need is unique and cater to them with undivided attention which generally is not the case in chess classes for kids near me. Details of attending the chess lessons will be shared one hour prior to the class. The one requirement is to have a good internet connection and an electronic device, like a laptop, desktop or a tablet. Our interactive chess classes for kids keep them motivated and eager to learn more. We can assure you that they will look forward to these classes and improve in all areas. From learning the basics to analyzing the game like a pro, from 'not knowing which direction to move' to checkmate; will come naturally to them.