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Kathak is one of the foremost famous and renowned Indian Classical Dance Forms. Kathak dance origin is traditionally allotted to the travelling bards of ancient northern India referred to as Kathakars, which also means storytellers.  Kathak dance is divided into three separate styles known as "Gharanas," which are named after the locations where the Kathak dance tradition arose. These three Gharanas are from Jaipur, Banaras, and Lucknow, respectively. Kathak Dance allows you to connect with your inner-self and builds confidence in expressing oneself through movements. It is a unique dance form that teaches about the gods and goddesses through expressions and elegant steps. Kathak is beautiful in its way; it's divided into three segments - Nritta (rhythmic element), Nritya (It's a combination of expressions & rhythm), and Natya (It's a dramatic element). It's a one-of-a-kind dancing form that connects the mind, body, and soul. As your legs move, your hands move, and as your hands move, your neck moves in sync with the rhythm, flow, and smile. Kathak Dance is a poetic depiction of life's transitory moods expressed via rhythmic patterns, hand gestures, and expressions. It produces an ecstatic realm and a magnificent atmosphere. 

           Advantages of Learning Kathak Dance Form

  1. Giving your child a taste of classical training is one way of adjoining them to their roots. It helps kids to learn about their culture through Chakkars, footwork, hand movements & graceful expressions. Through this traditional dance, children can learn about the tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana in a fun and engaging way.
  2. Learning Kathak dance improves your child's visual communication skills, making them appear more flexible and graceful. Their body seems to be more in control, making your child appear more elegant and poised. Kathak dance for kids helps boost your children's posture and self-esteem.
  3. Kathak dance classes are a lifetime investment in pleasure, love, confidence, and enhanced personality that also assists in physical conditioning with a lot of fun & learning.
  4. Learning Kathak creates a stress-free and energetic environment that eliminates all buried stress and anxiety. Giving yourself time and doing something that makes you feel energized can help you cope with stress.
  5. Children who learn Kathak Dance steps become more focused and conscious. A child's posture and motions necessitate concentration, focus, and awareness.


          What Makes Our Kathak Dance Classes Unique?

Our Kathak Dance Classes will provide you with an ecstatic experience and assist you in improving your personality.


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Kathak Dance classes will enhance your child's confidence, focus, perseverance, memory, hand-eye coordination, expressions, grace and will act as a medium to express themselves freely. It also consists of elegant body motions, hand movements, and footwork based on taal and rhythm. If someone learns Kathak at an early age, they will notice a new level of confidence, mindfulness, awareness, and their individuality will shine through. Kathak dance steps are soothing to the eyes and satisfying to the body to perform. It will be a delight to witness your children perform Kathak with their ankle bells on, filling the area with joy and positivity. Explore our Kathak Classes and choose the highly qualified tutor for them. Enroll Today!