Learn Bharatanatyam Dance Form from Online Classes on PiggyRide

Bharatanatyam Classical Dance

Bharatanatyam classical dance form is the oldest classical dance tradition in India. This beautiful dance form was prevalent in ancient Tamil Nadu, and a variety of other books have coded this elegant dance form in it, like Natya Shastra. Natya Shastra is just a rule book by an unknown author of the kinds of dance existing in Tamil Nadu. Bharatnatyam classical dance is one of the foremost famous and renowned Indian Classical Dance Form. It takes a few years to master.


Bharatanatyam classical dance is one of the warmest and oldest classical dance form originated from Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu, India. The origin of this dance is often traced to the sage Bharata Muni’s Natyasastra. This dance used to be taught by Nattuvanars (dance gurus/teachers) and has initially been practiced by a gaggle of temple dancers called the Devadasis. The latter danced regularly during essential festivals, ceremonies, and also at the time of worship in temples. 

Improves balance

Like many other Indian dance forms, Bharatanatyam dance classes on Piggy Ride too have different postures and poses. A performer must elegantly maintain balance throughout the performance. In Bharatanatyam classes, varied body movements called Karanas are beneficial to reinforce balance. While performing Karana in Bharatanatyam classical dance, a performer must stay in one posture for a few seconds. In Bharatanatyam dance classes the pose is often compared to standing on one foot for a few seconds without losing balance.

Improves flexibility

Bharatnatyam Dance Classes is said to have facial expressions and non-verbal communication in it. During Bharatanatyam classical dance form, hand gestures and facial expressions are used to communicate and express feelings taught by our instructors. Sometimes even props are used to increase the visual element. Various Mudras (symbols and positions from hand/ hand gestures) formulate and beautifies the dance form. We offer many online Bharatnatyam Dance Classes in which you can enroll in.

Improves stamina

Our Bharatanatyam classical dance movements make use of various muscle tissues. Few hours of practice offers you simple exercise and improves your stamina. Even in online Bharatnatyam classes practicing the best dance classes boosts endurance. Moving all limbs together simultaneously, while the eyes follow no matter what the hands do, requires plenty of stamina. Getting one step entirely correct, slowly, can take time, but it builds stamina.

Increases aerobics fitness

Practicing Bharatanatyam class’s on our platform offers you all the benefits that you simply get by doing aerobics. Dancing is excellent for your overall fitness in Bharatnatyam classical dance. During this dance form, the rapid body movements will surely boost blood circulation, helping you maintain an extended and healthy life ahead.

Improves concentration

Bharatanatyam classical dance makes the body and even the mind active. Any dancer needs to remember the Mudras, Hastas, and Karnas to dance as well, it is an important part of Bharatnatyam classes. A performer must remember steps, names of the numerous steps, different moves, the beats, and even the rhythm of the song. This smoothes mental skills and builds mental alertness very much higher.


Like all primary classical Indian dance forms, the reserve of Bharatanatyam classical dance follows the three categories of performance within the Natya Shastra, which are Nritta (Nirutham), Nritya (Niruthiyam), and Natya (Natyam). Discover our wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced classical dance classes to help your kid learn Bharatnatyam like never before. 

Like much another dance form Bharatnatyam too has different postures and poses which makes it more different than any other dance form. Every student of Bharatnatyam should understand that they are leading their culture and tradition forward by practicing it. These beautiful dance forms need to be nourished and blossom again.