Get Up To ₹5 Lakhs

Get Up To ₹5 Lakhs

Wide range of Tie-ups

Wide range of Tie-ups

Wide range of Tie-ups

Flexible Repayments

Wide range of Tie-ups

No foreclosure charges

Wide range of Tie-ups

Direct transfer to the institute

The best education your child deserves now comes with an extra convenience. Pay your fees with PiggyFinance and enjoy a whole lot of benefits

We pay School in Advance. You repay monthly

We pay School in Advance. You repay monthly

Digital & Instant enrollment process

Digital & Instant enrollment process

Exclusive offers and discounts on PiggyRide platform

Exclusive offers and discounts on PiggyRide platform.

How do you enroll?

It’s a quick 3 step process, which is hassle free and quick

  • Apply via PiggyRide app

    Once you have an approved limit, select "Education Fees on EMI” as an option to use your limit to pay education fees.

  • Get Instant Eligibility

    Select from 3 to 12 EMIs as repayment options

  • Direct transfer to the institute

    Select the institute from the available partner list to transfer the amount directly.

Are you an educational institute?

Are you an educational institute?

We’ve got great things in store with you, contact us know and get to know your benefits

  • Zero Fee Collection Hassles
  • Upfront Fee Cash Flows at the beginning of the year
  • Increased Admissions/ Fee Collections

Frequently asked questions

What is Piggy Finance and how can it help me?

  • Piggy Finance is a Lending Marketplace with multiple lenders on board. By sharing basic data, you can check whether you’re eligible for a loan with any lender on our network.
  • Piggy Finance technology does the verification of documents, credit assessment and pushes the loans to various lending institutions based on the policies with the banks and also ensures that the customers get the cheapest cost of credit and the best schemes.
  • Lenders approve the loans and customers avail the product from Piggy Finance after completing a few formalities and making the down payment.
  • The entire process from enquiry to delivery of the product should be within 15-20 mins.

What are the details asked?

Can I choose the lender?

What are the EMI schemes available for me?
Am I eligible for a 0% scheme?

What is the maximum loan amount I can avail?

What is the minimum and maximum age to avail the loan?

Do I need to carry my original PAN and Address proof?

I do not have a local address proof- my Aadhar is based
out a different state than where I am applying loan for

Would I be asked for bank statements? If yes, then are passbooks accepted?

My CIBIL is good, still my Loan got rejected?

Can I re-apply a loan if my loan got rejected

I want to cancel my loan, are there any foreclosure