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Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

The game of chess is cherished all over the world undoubtedly. It is very often that we see people gather in their living rooms, libraries, cafes, and other places to match their wits with other so-called champions to enjoy the checkered board game. But why is it that people like to devote their time to this particular game? It happens due to the fact that chess entangles intense intellectual challenges that are very good for their mental health and well-being. All the more reasons why chess is good for mental health.

Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

Besides, if your little ones show any sign of interest in learning chess, we definitely recommend you enrol them in online chess classes. It is the perfect way to improve their mental capability. Moreover, chess offers numerous mental health benefits for your kids. It assists them in becoming smart, coherent and a good problem-solver. 

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Different Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

Now, let’s dive down and find out how whether chess is good for your kids’ mental health.

1) Chess Makes Us Understand Others’ Perspectives

Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

While playing chess, it is pivotal to understand what your opponent’s next move would be. Even skilled players learn to anticipate this fact. And to do that, you need to develop the ability to adapt your opponent’s perspective and figure out their possible action. 

According to behavioural scientists, this ability where players can see from another person’s viewpoint is known as the “theory of mind”. It is an extraordinary ability to exercise empathy and build wholesome social relationships. A study conducted in 2019 found that chess indeed develops the perspective-taking ability in children who practice the game regularly. Hence, making chess good for mental health.

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2) Chess Enhances Memory Power

Another reason why chess is good for your kids’ mental health, is that it enhances their memory power. Besides, it is not surprising to learn that chess players have strong memory skills. It helps them comprehend their moves better. Moreover, chess involves memorising numerous combinations of movements and their possible outcomes.

Also, it is interesting to think that experienced players show higher performance related to a particular kind of recollection known as auditory memory. It is the ability to remember what you have comprehended through hearing. Not only that but also, regular chess playing help in enhancing visual pattern recognition, which comes from memorising complex chess positions.

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3) Chess Boosts Creativity

Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

People, especially kids who play chess, have a higher level of creative problem-solving skills compared to those who do not play chess at all. Playing chess regularly helps kids in interpreting patterns and meaning in abstract forms. Various pieces of research prove that chess actually increases students’ ability to exercise divergent and creative thinking. It is one of the best mental health benefits of playing chess. 

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4) Chess Improve Planning Skills

We know that when people play chess, it stretches for a longer period. Also, during this time, people do some silent contemplations where each player thinks of different moves that will help them win. Players spend a lot of time anticipating what their opponents’ responses will be and their attempt to predict its eventuality.

This whole practice of careful contemplation and critical planning is one of the best cognitive health benefits of playing chess. Chess has the capability to improve and strengthen kids planning skills. Hence, one of the many reasons why chess is the best option to strengthen mental health.

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5) Chess Improves Strategic Thinking

Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

As we all know, chess is a strategy game, which means to win this game, you need a better plan of action than your opponent. And we also know, that no one is born with the ability to conceive great strategic moves. People learn all the critical strategies by regularly practising them. 

Just like general commands in the army, a chess player also commands their pieces. Hence, it proves to be an effective way to improve the ability to develop strategies and plans. Moreover, you can use these strategic skills outside of chess. 

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6) Chess Improves Attention Span

Be it, adults or children, with time, it is becoming hard for everyone to focus on their tasks. The rate of productivity has been declining rapidly. Such things happen due to people getting diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. But there are better ways to deal with this phenomenon than using any medicine to treat people. 

Yes, you guessed it, right, chess is the answer. Why? Because chess demands your attention. If your mind does not focus on the game, there is a high chance of losing the game. Chess is not easy for people having lack attention. In chess, you need to train your mind to stay focused and attentive. Once you start paying attention to the game or things (in general), the whole process results in better performance. 

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7) Chess Can Help In Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Seven Reasons Why Chess Is Good For Mental Health

As the brain works like a muscle, it needs regular exercise to stay healthy and ward off any possible disease(s). As per some researchers, unpracticed brain tissue leads to a loss of brain power. This is one of the main reasons why you should teach your kids to play chess efficiently. 

Playing chess regularly assists in providing the necessary exercise that the brain needs. Moreover, it is vital for parents to let their children explore the theoretical aspects of chess. To do that, you can encourage them to participate in online chess quizzes. Taking part in these quizzes will help them understand better different moves, how to tackle different situations, varied opening moves, and so much more.

Final Words:

Mentioned above are some mental health benefits of chess for your kids. It is pivotal for parents to encourage and engage their little ones in this game and make them understand its practicality. Chess provides numerous cognitive benefits, such as improved intelligence, empathy, memory, enhanced creative abilities and better planning & problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best chess classes for your little ones, then look no further and visit PiggyRide. This e-learning platform offers numerous options for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to strengthen and improve their chess game for the better. 

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