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Live Online Kids Classes- A Global Learning Platform for Kids

Welcome to the fun ride of learning brought to you by PiggyRide. Step into the one-stop solution of online kids classes that are fun and easy to learn. Piggy Ride offers live classes for kids based on their age, skill level, and interests. You can enroll your child in a range of kid' classes including dance, music, yoga, and a number of other activities. Our platform connects you with qualified teachers and tutors in a variety of subjects. Let's dive into the excellent video tutorials for excellent learning. PiggyRide is a leading destination for providing your kids with quality online training on specific skills with fun and creativity.

At the convenience of your home, book our online kids classes to help them grow in an inclusive environment under the supervision of experts. With hundreds of live classes for kids added each day, we have an abundance of online lessons, specially made for kids and teenagers. Our key collaboration with professionals makes it possible to bring endless possibilities for your champ. We let your kid PLAY, CREATE, and LEARN, in their field of interest. We also provide learning-oriented workshops with a robust brew of entertainment. Online kids classes at Piggy Ride are useful in brushing up the existing skills of your kid and developing a new set of skills. Our live interactive classes through video calling platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, etc make it easier for kids to learn at home.

For each category of online kids classes, we provide curated edits of lessons to help you choose the best activity for your kids. From online yoga classes, music classes, dance classes to live online training, we have got it all. During the initial development stage of a kid, it is important to enroll them in such online activity classes so that they can grow efficiently.


Invoke the creative side of your kids by enrolling them in our innovative live classes for kids like online drawing, painting, coding, chess, English classes, etc. In addition, we also offer fun workshops like leaf painting, finger painting for a short time of leisure activity classes for kids. Our juvenile online activities are well-designed by experts to make them suitable for their overall development.

Allow your children to take part in a range of activity classes for kids and instill in them a sense of self-assurance, openness, and non-judgment. We offer over 1000 live classes for kids, including dance, music, yoga, doodling, art and craft, drawing, and cooking, giving your youngster a wide range of options to explore, experiment, and create to choose whatever they like. Allow them to discover their way within acceptable limits to their best in life.


Our live classes for kids, delivered via video calling platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and WhatsApp, and face-to-face instruction, ensured children's right to an education to prepare for their digital era. Our goal is to relieve parental stress and assist teachers and schools in making the most of digital learning. We also provide fun-based educational learning such as coding classes, English classes, public speaking classes, abacus, robotics, Vedic maths, computer animations, and games so that they can grow efficiently. We conduct extracurricular classes for kids with a small group of kids of similar ages. In the era of online schooling for kids, our courses are a smart way to help kids stay on track with their schoolwork. What else is required?

PiggyRide also offers kids weekend workshops online every weekend.

Kids' weekend workshops online are provided every weekend so that kids can explore themselves and broaden their horizons of potential. Reform the creativity & imagination skills with the fun learning curriculum. Kids Doodle Classes bring interesting sessions of doodling by experienced trainers.

"When you can't give your children wings, give them music." PiggyRide offers Music classes for kids and connects children with music by offering a wide range of musical classes like guitar, keyboard, vocal music, Carnatic music, regional music for beginners, intermediate to advanced learners. Through our online kids' classes, we make sure that children are provided with the best possible education and develop to their full potential.

We offer live Dance classes for kids. "Dance is an art in motion." It's something that makes sure that "we are alive"! PiggyRide provides various dancing genres, including classical, western, regional dance styles and Bollywood curves and moves. It promotes freedom of movement and confidence, physical strength, grace, self-expression, and endurance from an early age. Most importantly, our dance classes are fun!


We also provide various self-defence classes for kids such as martial arts, Taekwondo, karate, kick-boxing. It is a fantastic approach to teach kids boldness, discipline, and confidence. Especially for young girls who are learning to advocate for themselves. 'Daring to live life to the fullest.'


PiggyRide introduces your kid to the fascinating world of stories by allowing them to enroll in our live story-writing classes for kids. Children will take part in group discussions, which will help them develop their imagination and communication abilities, If your child has potential, PiggyRide has a solution! We also aim to inspire kids by providing free activity tutorials to help them learn and flourish at their own pace. If your child enjoys dance, art & craft, music, singing, health & fitness, games, sports, PiggyRide has got them covered with Free video tutorials. Our platform is an excellent resource for children who want to pursue or explore their interests at any moment of the day. We provide a wide choice of interest-based free tutorials to fulfill your child's extracurricular pursuits.

So there's a lot more on the list of our Activity classes for kids to keep your kids occupied, learning, and entertained.

PiggyRide is indeed an excellent way to ensure kids learn good stuff at their own pace. Don't we need more possibilities like these? From play to chores, encourage endeavours and help to achieve more skills. Our skilled team works hard to provide a motivating and creative atmosphere in which children can learn, grow, and flourish.

Creative online activity is a must-have for kids of all ages. We also offer various kids' classes like sketching, drawing, craft, painting, origami, and much more. Kids Painting Classes help them acquire their creativity skills. Learn Sketching Online by experienced teachers to recapture your innovation & creativity. You can also choose personality development skills for your kids like public speaking, storytelling, group discussion, etc. Storytelling is a necessary skill to learn by kids so that they can be skilled speakers, and develop deep analysis abilities. 

Introverted children will benefit from virtual classes because they will be able to step outside of their comfort zone and communicate with their peers and professors. Live classes for kids encourage them to participate in conversations and get their questions answered; in school, most questions go unanswered. In these classes, all of their questions get answered, which helps them gain confidence. It will assist students in pursuing their passions and revealing their talents from a young age. Children are usually preoccupied with their studies and are unaware of their talents; but, via online learning and numerous activities, they can discover their passions and emerge as dancers, singers, athletes, and more. Isn't this exciting? 

Don't you think it's the right time to customize your child's learning with 10,000 plus live online courses & classes from 1500 certified & verified tutors? Find the right tutor for your child to build their confidence through engaging and interactive training. Take classes anywhere and anytime. Choose courses that are appropriate for your children's interests, requirements, and schedules. One-on-one online tutoring from the best tutors can affect your kids' academic performance. So, it's the ideal age for your child to begin developing cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, linguistic skills, and physical skills. PiggyRide is the ideal spot for your children to discover new interests or improve on existing ones.

So we give ample opportunities to kids to grow and flourish at their own pace. Children get less distracted as classes are so much fun than the usual conventional teachings. The nicest aspect of participating in online activities is that youngsters are accompanied by their parents, who can assist them with their weaknesses while also keeping an eye on them.

 Choose the type of course according to your interest, and preference. ENROLL TODAY!