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Best Play Schools For Kids In Delhi Worth Your Time

Education is the most important and powerful sword and any battle can be won when you are well-read and educated. In fact, in today’s modern world play schools have become an integral part of our active lifestyle and also an important medium for educating your kids. In this article, I will talk about the best play schools for kids in Delhi and the features each play school offers.

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It is a known fact that play schools help in the overall development of your child and also lays a strong foundation for their formal education. But kids don’t like pre-school and that’s not even a hidden fact anymore. From screaming and shouting to crying and making excuses, your child will try to experiment with all the possible ways so that you don’t send them to play school. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to make your kids fall in love with learning and education. Therefore, to help you out in this adventure, we have compiled a list of top playschools for kids in Delhi.

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A Peep Through the Colorful World of Play Schools in Delhi

The play schools in Delhi are known for their elite, sophisticated, and friendly environment. The capital of India offers some of the best and the finest play schools for kids that are trusted by parents and teachers. Whether you are looking for the best play schools in Dwarka or the best play schools in South Delhi, you can find all the top-rated schools in this article.

Why Should You Choose Play Schools in Delhi?

Well, Delhi offers the best-in-class education and from top-rated pre-schools to colleges, the capital of India houses the best educational institutions in the country. Moreover, the city is also home to the most popular and well-cherished university, DU (Delhi University).

Also, parents can grab an opportunity to enroll their children in the courses they like whether it’s CBSE or ICSE. The quality of education offered in Delhi remains unbeatable.

Pre-schools are considered to be an important part of your kids’ education because they help in nurturing your kids in all the important aspects of life including the development of physical, social, emotional, and creative skills. To add to this, a good pre-school is not purely academic-based but will play a key role in securing your child’s future and will also teach them the importance of moral values.

Listed down below are some of the best and top-rated pre-schools for kids in Delhi.

1. Kidzee Play Preschool


I am sure that all the parents must be aware of Kidzee a popular name when it comes to popular play schools for kids in Delhi. Kidzee lays a strong emphasis on the motto of offering an ambiance that will provide your kids with a holistic approach. This play school in Delhi has given a new perspective to kindergarten teaching. The school has taken all the necessary steps to give your kids an excellent quality education. Kidzee also follows the 3Es rule approach and that is- to enquire, explore, and experiment.

a) Features offered-

i) The school offers trained staff to look after the needs of your child.

ii) A safe and healthy environment that nurtures positive learning.

iii) Offers early childhood learning and development.

b) Why choose this school?

To make the process of learning and education more immersive and interactive, the school makes use of different programs such as drama, art, puppetry, music, field trips, and different indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Euro Kids

Euro Kids

Euro Kids is one of the fastest-growing play schools for kids in Delhi and also a popular choice amongst many parents. The success of Euro Kids has led to the upliftment of growth and trust because the school holds an excellent reputation for providing excellent quality education. Moreover, Euro Kids have won over 17 awards for setting benchmarks and has helped kids blossom.

a) Features offered-

i) The school offers interactive learning programs.

ii) Well-maintained libraries.

iii) Euro Kids also promotes sports, music, and craft.

b) Why choose this school?

Euro Kids have become a preferred choice of playschool for parents and kids around Delhi because they teach kids how to sustain themselves in an environment that is very competitive by organizing different activities and cultural competitions.

3. Mother’s Pride

Mother's Pride

When it comes to Mother’s Pride, I have a lasting memory associated with the school because my brother has studied in that and the school is simply magnificent. Moreover, the motto of Mother’s Pride is to revolutionize the education system. Mother’s Pride tops the list of the best play schools for kids in Delhi. Their educational curriculum surpasses all the elements of knowledge and also focuses on life skills that are needed for overall holistic development. The play school believes in communicating to parents about positive parenting so that they can be better and wiser.

a) Features offered-

i) The school organizes story-telling sessions, development sessions, and different workshops on rhymes, and songs.

ii) Your kids can participate in different co-curricular activities including puppetry, drawing, coloring, art, and craft.

iii) Kids can also choose from different sports including yoga, ball pool, splash pool, etc.

b) Why choose this school?

From spacious labs to colorful classrooms, the school offers excellent quality infrastructure and amenities to kids.

4. Mother’s Mount Preschool

Mother’s Mount Preschool

When learning is based on experimentation and exploration, trust us your kids will fall in love with the concept of education and play school. And that is what Mother’s Mount is doing by providing kids with different approaches and techniques using which they can master anything. The school believes in the philosophy of kids being the most precious and perhaps the most valuable gift by god, and they should be cherished.

a) Features offered-

i) Classrooms have been made spacious with seats and tables.

ii) Kids can use the stage while participating in dramas.

iii) The school uses different approaches for promoting innovative, intellectual, artistic, and social development in kids.

b) Why choose this school?

Mother’s Mount Preschool is a perfect choice for parents who plan to give their children a unique learning experience coupled with fun-filled and immersive activities. Again, the school focuses on the overall development of kids and prepares them for the competitive world that lies ahead of them.

5. Shemrock Play School


The foundation stone for Shemrock Play School was laid down in 2010 and it is one of the evergreen playschools for kids in Delhi that will never disappoint you. The school offers a playful learning environment wherein your kids can study and play together. The teachers lay a lot of emphasis on creative and analytical thinking and use different mediums while introducing new concepts to kids.

a) Features offered-

i) Your kids can play in the ball pool.

ii) The school also offers a well-lit dining center where kids can have their lunch.

iii) At the activity arcade, your kids can play and grow along with other kids.

b) Why choose this school?

Shemrock offers all the comforting facilities to kids and trains them to be perfect individuals in the future. The best part about this play school is that they offer a highly interactive and immersive learning environment. With a friendly approach and hospitable environment, kids feel like they are at home.

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Final Words

These are the top 5 play schools for kids in Delhi that will also transform your kids into better and responsible individuals. When choosing a play school for your child, the most important thing that parents should focus on is the overall environment so that kids can grow and nurture properly. Parents play a key role in the life of a child, and you are also their first teachers and are responsible for their growth and development. So, make sure that you set the right example for your child and shape them into better individuals.

These play schools will help your kids in developing their mental abilities to a great level and this will further aid in fulfilling future goals. With PiggyRide, you can easily find the best play school for your child in and around India. Our platform offers the best recommendations whether you are looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Delhi or the best cafes for kids in Bangalore, and our recommendations will not disappoint you. If you are concerned about your child’s creative and holistic development, you can also enroll your child in our online classes.

PiggyRide offers the best quality online courses for your child ranging from chess to yoga to art and craft along with cricket, painting, piano, etc. Furthermore, you can also enroll your kids in our weekly free workshop section and let them participate in different online workshops.
So, don’t let the learning stop!

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