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"No other human activity can ever activate the brain as music does." ~ Geir Olve Skeie

We are proud to welcome your little ones to PiggyRide's online Keyboard Classes. Learn from the ground up & reach for the stars with your self-composed musical notes. With our Keyboard Lessons, your child can begin their classes as early as 3-years old. Our verified tutors share their passion & years of experience with the young musicians to learn chords and tunes to broaden their musical horizons. Our exceptional faculty will give a taste of music to the kids in a fun and engaging lessons to inspire the kids. 

Isn't a keyboard an excellent initial instrument for kids? Add mesmerizing tunes to your child's spirit and fill your space with joy by unlocking the beauty of a Keyboard. Musical instruments are beautiful; it's fascinating to see how your kids can create their favourite music by tapping the correct keys with their little fingers. You might have noticed how excited kids get after just hitting the random keys of the keyboard. Let's fuel their excitement and passion for playing a musical instrument with online keyboard classes. It's the appropriate age to support and equip your child's interest with the practical training and grooming they deserve. 

Enriching a child's hobbies or polishing their interests are equally important as the studies. Let your kids learn to express themselves through our keyboard classes

We conduct online beginner lessons for kids especially curated for the kids.

            Benefits of Enrolling Your Children in Keyboard Classes?

  1. Keyboard music is an excellent technique to teach your children greater hand-eye coordination, which will develop with time and practice. So, your brain distributes the correct notes to each hand, and then, with continued practice, the interaction between hands and eyes improves, making your youngster more creative.
  2. Keyboard lessons will make your kids smarter. As practice and performance require repetition and repetition creates myelin around the brain. Myelins' role is to allow information to travel efficiently throughout the brain. It makes it easy to understand other subjects and makes a child a better learner. 
  3. It boosts confidence & self-esteem. When a child indulges in music classes and lessons, they have to prepare themselves for stage performances or music exams. It provides an excellent and a proud feeling to the youngsters to deliver what they have learned. 
  4. Online music classes are a great stress buster for both you and your child. It is a great way to bond and understand how they are feeling. People tend to express and communicate better using keyboard music notes. Music may also transport a person to another world of melodic tunes, where a child's creativity is sparked. So, keyboard music learning can be great training from an early age. Keyboard music play is a great outlet for emotions.
  5. It improves the overall academic performance. It significantly improves children's cognitive abilities, which in turn improves their IQ level. They spend time memorizing notes and melodies that help them develop good memory, which ultimately helps them improve their academic performance.
  6. Children who learn music at an early age have a higher chance of succeeding in life. It takes a lot of focus, concentration, discipline, and perseverance for a child to take the first steps toward learning a musical instrument. They instill in themselves a never-say-die attitude to master what they are pursuing. They accept the challenges and use them to motivate them in their other endeavours.

           Major Highlights of our Online Keyboard Classes?

           We provide quality music classes & courses 

  1. Live one-on-one Interactive Lessons.
  2. Highly Trained & Certified Teachers.
  3. Easy Online Learning Tips.
  4. Unlimited Support to Maximize your Musical Potential.
  5. Hassle-Free Enrollment & Customize Learning.
  6. Flexible Timings. 
  7. Beginner to Advanced Lessons. 

Music Classes can provide a winning edge in life. Our online tutors will provide advice, direction, and helpful tips to the kids to hone their musical abilities. Our approach is to impart structured, fun, and engaging keyboard lessons for kids to keep the spark in their creativity and interest. Give a chance to your little ones to compose their favourite songs all by themselves. Enrich your child's musical abilities and let them learn at their pace.

 So, Explore our Online Keyboard Classes for Beginners & Advanced learners. Hurry Up & Register Today!