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Kids Online Painting Classes & Courses

Painting is a term we are all familiar with, but how will our online painting learning classes benefit your child? Painting is basically applying paint or pigment or any for of colour on any medium or a solid surface. Brushes, knives, sponges, and airbrushes are usually used for painting. In our online painting classes for beginners, the kids learn more than just the art of painting. They master the art of expression or communication through different mediums. The usage of colours is therapeutic in expressing emotions and feelings, without any word. These painting classes will also enhance creativity and imagination in your child, while also improving their motor and mobility skills. Painting is an activity which engages all our senses––sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. These online classes develop skills that help the kids to develop imagination and perception to put their visuals on paper through different mediums. 

Painting classes also increase dexterity and coordination in the child. A lot of our classes focus on watercolour as a medium. The kids learn different blending techniques and how colour mediums vary depending on mixing ingredients and application. They also explore strokes and different brush types, and their correct form of application of the perfect paper fit. 
Children become comfortable with the uncertainty of creation and their flexibility as thinkers increase which helps them boost their confidence. These kinds of experiences make the kids more open-minded when it comes to accepting new ideas and changes, which help them explore life better. 

Learning painting as a medium of creative expression of the self expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them while discovering new tools and skills for expression of the self and for communication. Learning painting develops the right hemisphere of the brain while benefiting a child's development. While our online painting classes are creatively curated and follow a structure to enhance the learning process of the kids, it is left free soo that the imaginative minds of the children might flow free and create their own kinds of masterpieces. A sense of belonging develops in the child as he/she moves ahead in this creative journey, and the interest and confidence are boosted by our tutors and guides who constantly motivate and appreciate the small and steady steps that the kids take in each class.