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Online Live Kid’s Creative Workshops- Learning Assured Every Week

Let your kids maximize their potential by attending online kids workshops to learn skills that they can directly apply in their education & have fun. This ever-evolving world of digital has tons to offer to these curious minds in the form of workshops for children. Click around to browse through the doodle workshop or dance workshop online or any workshop that you wish. At PiggyRide, we have theatre workshops for kids for the budding Bollywood star or home workshop Saturday kids activities lined up to keep them off your hands. Kids' craft lessons are a great way to make your little ones more helpful around the house by opening a world of DIY for them. Kids sketching workshops or art & craft workshops for kids is an excellent way to bond and understand them better.

Our Key Highlights:

To boost your kid’s creativity, we present to you the 5 key highlights that make us the best and the perfect choice for your kids:

  • Free Workshops

Embrace the creativity at your fingertips for free! At PiggyRide, we offer free and creative workshops that will help your children to master the art with passion. These workshops will bring out the best in your child. 

  • Festive Themed Workshops

At PiggyRide, you can explore a plethora of occasion-based workshops that will add a dash of love and creativity to your celebrations. From festival-based painting competitions to theme-based music competitions, your children will thoroughly enjoy themselves this festive season. 

  • Hassle-Free Booking

The best part about our free workshops is that you don’t have to worry about the booking part. All you have to do is to open the official website of PiggyRide and open up the workshop section. You simply have to browse through the extensive range of workshops that we have for you and choose the best one as per your needs. After successfully choosing your workshop, you simply have to tap on Book Now!

  • Experienced and Verified Instructors

At PiggyRide, we have thousands of well-qualified instructors, who will help you in exploring your hidden talents. Grab a golden opportunity to learn from a team of experienced and verified instructors, and let your skills do the talking!

  • Kickstart Your Child’s Learning

It’s time for your kids to have some fun and learn new skills in a unique way! Initiate your kid’s creative learning journey with PiggyRide by enrolling them in our free workshop. Let your little expressionists carve an identity for themselves. 

Summer workshops for kids are not digital and you can get them to attend these home workshops without having to worry about them. Whether your child decides to grow up to be an astronaut or a scientist, we have something for everyone. Let them explore the magical world of workshops for children. Such activities for kids keep them active, curious and engaged. Little difference does it make if they want to choose between a drama workshop for kids, learn magic from the workshop, or kids sketching workshop, be assured that they will keep wanting to come back for more.

Home workshops are the need of the hour to help your precious child evolve, explore, and encourage. Give them the gift to interact with other like-minded children from the safety of your homes, at your convenience. At PiggyRide, we have the best online kids workshop organized by some of the best minds in the field. Stay tuned for celebrity workshops and get your child to learn from the experts. 


So we offer premium online courses that focus on the overall learning and advancement of children. Come with us on the journey of learning, fun, and play from the comfort of your house. We provide a wide range of high-quality and small-group sessions to assist children in developing their soft skills. As a large family, we've been having a lot of fun learning, playing, improving abilities, and establishing connections. It all comes down to this. Nowadays, the biggest struggle is to channel the abundant energy of children in the right direction, balancing studies and play. In every sector, we have the best mentors who give children's passions wings to fly.

Most children shun activities like public speaking, narrative writing, English speaking, or learning a foreign language because it made them feel uneasy or self-conscious. As a result, we've designed our curriculum in this way so that children don't feel troubled; as a result, they progressively open up to the world, allowing them to feel good about themselves and learn in a safe environment in their comfort zone. Our tutors encourage youngsters to believe that their ideas and thoughts are worthwhile in our writing workshop. Our teachers assist children to enhance their writing skills by teaching them appropriate language, correcting grammatical errors, and encouraging them to express themselves creatively.

Explore Our Creative Treasure

At PiggyRide, we offer a range of creative workshops for kids that will lay a special focus on the overall learning and development of children. Join our creative bandwagon and travel with us on your creative adventures filled with learning, fun, and play from the comfort of your home. We offer an exclusive range of high-quality and small-group sessions that will help your children in developing their soft skills. 

Give a break to your kid’s monotonous academic pattern and channelize their creative potential, and hobbies by enrolling them in these creative and engaging workshops. Our platform will help your children by recognizing their strengths and putting them into a creative vocation.

Let your kids explore the world of creativity and innovation with some of our exciting and best workshops. From free acting workshops to free dance workshops, you can explore a range of creative options for your kids. 

Music Workshop

Let your kids explore the melodious world of music, with PiggyRide’s online music classes for kids. These online music classes will help children to connect with music by offering them a wide range of musical workshops like guitar, keyboard, vocal music, and regional music for beginners, intermediate to advanced learners. 

English Workshop

At PiggyRide, we also offer English Workshops, where your children can learn the basics of Spoken English, and English Grammar. These workshops will help in the development of the personality of your kids like public speaking, storytelling, and group discussion. Today, storytelling is considered a vital skill for kids to learn as it makes them skilled speakers, and helps them in developing deep analysis abilities.

Dance Workshop

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”, at PiggyRide we offer a plethora of live dance classes for kids. If your kids are passionate about Indian classical dance, let them explore our best workshops on Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and a lot more. 

Acting Workshop

Your kids can also explore our free acting workshop and discover their innate potential with our finest and talented instructors. The free acting workshop will train your kids from the scratch and help to master the art of theatre. 

In our kids' acting workshop, we help children to dive into the world of acting. Here children will play different roles and bring out their creative characters. Children will also learn how to tell stories by observing, experiencing, and imagining. Learn about voice modulation, behaviour, and staging. It's said; that we become what we pretend to be. We give youngsters the freedom to choose their roles and express themselves freely.
 Our Dance and music workshops are all about expressing inner-self. This combination of both has a profound effect on the brain, affecting our mood and bringing us great joy.
We also offer vast other curricular activities such as yoga, chess, coding, doodling, martial arts, and many more. There are ample opportunities for your children to learn new skills in an environment that promotes growth with a little healthy competition. Inside every youngster is a magical universe. They frequently visit there, and we offer many magic workshops to help them bring their inner magic world into their outer world. Learning magic tricks at a young age builds confidence and helps with social building skills.
Our activities help children to stay focused on their goals and move forward in their lives. It's the best way to keep their minds busy and entertained for hours. 
What's more? Our Art courses expand the child's ability to interact with the world around them. Drawing, sketching, painting, and many other art workshops are the easiest and creative ways to kill boredom among children. We provide low-cost classes in whatever activity you choose to pursue. Let's expand your kid's potential by breaking the monotonous academic pattern and channelize their energies, hobbies, and thoughts to a convenient platform to enrich their capacities. Our online learning platform will help your children recognize their strengths and put them into a rewarding vocation.