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5 Best Reading Apps For Kids That Are Phenomenal

Technology has completely changed the way we live, eat, drink, and stay. It has made our life easy and convenient and that is why we are always on the lookout for searching innovative ways using which we can make our kids better. Right from online learning platforms to the best reading apps for kids, technology has come a long way. As parents, we try to encourage our kids to develop healthy reading habits. After all, reading offers a plethora of benefits for young readers including improving their vocabulary and spatial awareness.

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Thankfully, to make reading sessions more fun and interactive, there are tons of reading apps available on the market for kids. These reading apps for kids are hi-tech in terms of comprehensive features and offer an interactive learning environment. So, in this article, we will talk about the 5 best reading apps for kids that are just phenomenal. But before we get into the depth, let’s understand what are the benefits of reading for kids.

Benefits of Reading for Kids

a) Improves Concentration

It’s not a hidden fact anymore that kids who read develop excellent concentration levels and they can sit quietly in one place and focus on the story they are reading. If the kids will read often, they will develop this healthy habit on an efficient level.

b) Enhances Vocabulary and Language Skills

As kids read, they learn new words. And this is how they immerse themselves in the pool of knowledge and can structure their sentences and how use the words and other features of the language effectively.

c) Develops Kid’s Imagination

Kids are very imaginative and creative especially when they are ready to enter Kindergarten age. As they will read more often, the brain has the power to convert the descriptions of people, places, and things into colorful pictures. Well, they are not only engaged in the story as they read it, but they’re also able to sketch a mental picture of the character in their brain. That is how kids can visualize everything smoothly.

d) Aids in Brain Development

Reading is regarded as an important exercise for the brain. It is considered a complex task for the brain when compared to the TV because reading not only strengthens the brain connections but also helps in establishing and building new social relationships.

e) Makes Kids Aware About the World

As already mentioned earlier, by introducing your kids to the colorful world of books, you’re taking a step forward in making them more aware of the world around them. A variety of books can educate your kids about different events, cultural traditions, etc.

Keeping these benefits in mind, let’s get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the best reading apps for kids.

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Top 5 Reading Apps for Kids

1. Bob’s Books- Reading Magic #2

Bob’s Books- Reading Magic #2

The first reading app that makes it to our list is Bob’s Book- Reading Magic #2. It is a step-by-step educational app that primarily focuses on teaching kids how to read and spell. A very well-designed app that showcases a series of colorful illustrations, thereby challenging your kids to complete the scene by dragging and dropping alphabets into empty slots to complete the spelling of the word. Also, your kids can even hear the pronunciation of each letter as they select and once the scene is completed, the image will be transformed into bright colors.


A very interactive app and will give your kids a lot of support in the beginning stages as they slowly progress from lesson to lesson. The narration of the app is very gentle and soothing, and kids even ask for help if needed.


However, the app stops offering hints as the player will progress to the advanced levels, and this can lead to a loss of interest.

Appropriate Age

4 years+ onwards.

2. Reading Eggs- Learn To Read

Reading Eggs- Learn To Read

Another immersive reading app for your kids is the Reading Eggs app. The app is completed with a treasure of alphabets and spelling games, phonic activities, word puzzles, and 2,000+ storybooks. It is an award-winning reading app for children. The in-built programs and curriculum are carefully designed by the experts to help kids master the basics of reading. The app starts with the fundamentals for preschoolers and kindergarten kids, but gradually progresses to a level for older kids. So, your kids can keep reading while playing and participating in different activities that the app has.


As already mentioned above, it is an award-winning app and offers a plethora of learning activities for kids by holding their attention for a long time.


Firstly, the subscription cost to this app is quite expensive for some parents, and the app quickly progresses to the advanced stage while kids are the beginners in reading.

Appropriate Age

3 years+ onwards.

3. Dora ABCs Volume 2- Rhyming Words

Dora ABCs Volume 2- Rhyming Words

We are pretty sure that everyone is familiar with Dora the Explorer and her adventures! But not many know that there is a reading app too based on her name. The app is built and designed keeping in mind her little adventures. So, Dora takes the kids on a treasure hunt to learn letter sounds and rhyming words. To win the game, Dora should be able to cross a troll bridge and that is where kids will help her by carefully matching the pictures to their sounds in exchange for the tokens they’ll get to pay on the bridge. With enough tokens, Dora can cross the bridge and move on to the next level.


Dora’s ABCs comes with a parent portal where you can easily track your child’s progress. Moreover, you can also have a look at their strengths and the words they are struggling with so that they can work on them through different creative activities. We know how much kids love Dora’s lively personality.


Many parents feel that the app could add more levels and avoid repetition. While others feel that it is not much challenging for their kids.

Appropriate Age

3 years+ onwards.

4. Reading Raven

Reading Raven

Another best reading app for your kids is the Reading Raven. Ranked as the top-rated reading app for kindergarteners, this particular app will teach kids about pronunciation and writing skills, through a plethora of creative and interactive activities that are from letter tracing and voice recording to playback, and guiding word bubbles to a circus lion’s mouth. This app is a great way to teach your kids about the names of each letter of the alphabet, how to write them, and later on how to start writing down words.


The best part about this app is the ability to allow kids to record and playback their voices which will improve their pronunciation skills. Also, the app’s interactive features are something to appreciate.


The app does not offer progress reports of the kids in the parent portal, so you need to monitor your kid’s activity in real-time.

Appropriate Age

3 years+ onwards.

5. Sight Words Adventure

Sight Words Adventure

Another great reading app that you can consider for your little wizards is the Sight Words Adventure. It is a great option for helping little readers to work and build on their existing spelling skills and expand their vocabulary. Furthermore, the app offers around 320 words that can be difficult for the kids to master. The app will break those complicated words into separate letters.


The best part about this reading app is that your kids can easily create their accounts and track down their progress, and you can also follow a separate portal to know what skills you learned.


Since the app uses a lot of repetition, kids will not be able to access new games or levels and will get bored easily.

Appropriate Age

5 years+ onwards.

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These are the top 5 reading apps for kids that will offer an enriching learning experience for your kids. Moreover, it will further familiarize your kids with the core concepts of the English language including vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure, and formation. Also, these reading apps will make your kids tech-savvy. Right from reading to speaking, these reading apps for kids will play a key role in your kid’s overall development. You can also check out the online courses on English offered by PiggyRide. With a well-structured curriculum, and experienced instructors your kids will ace all the concepts of the English language.

Apart from online courses on English, you can also check out online courses on phonics, reading, speaking, writing, etc that are specially curated for your little learners. We also offer comprehensive online courses on storytelling, so you can check out that. Apart from English, we also offer some of the best online courses on chess, cricket, swimming, kathak dance, drawing, yoga, etc for your kids. All these online courses will help your kids in improving their skills and abilities. Keep yourself up-to-date by following our blog section. Keep following us for a better and an immersive learning experience!

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