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Phonics-Based Reading Classes

Looking for Phonics Classes for your kids? Grab the golden opportunity to let your kids learn basic Phonics with Jolly Phonics Classes and let your kids learn the basics from the scratch. ... Read more

Phonics-Based Reading Classes

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About the Course

The Basic Phonics Reading Classes will help your kindergarten children to understand how to pronounce a word correctly. For young learners, it is the best course to get started with their language learning process. Phonics supports the importance of speaking and listening skills and develops children's capability of sounds, including letter sounds. 

Reading is an absolutely essential life skill that will enable future success, in school, college, and later in work. This course is designed to help you understand the basics of using phonics as a key reading strategy. It provides an overall introduction to phonics and gives you tools to use that will help lay down a foundation for reading fluency. In each section, we discuss reasons for using phonics. You will find lots of very colorful resources that will give you hands-on practice. You can download directly from within the course itself and they are free for you to use.

The course will walk a learner through the following five critical stages:

1. You will get used to using the sounds of the alphabet, rather than letter names.

2. You will help your child to match sounds to letters

3. As you progress you will learn how to sequence phonemes and use resources such as picture cues, and some crazy, crazy actions (TPR) that your child will love to engage with.

4. You will explore and learn techniques to present the first 100 high-frequency words (sight words), that are a bit 'tricky' because they can't be decoded.

5. You will move on to digraphs which can be a bit challenging. Here you'll understand the different types of digraphs and how to show your child so they can begin to read more complex words and texts.

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