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Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

A little bit of break once in a while is what everyone needs and deserves. A breather, from a busy life, not only enlightens your soul but also makes you & your family feel delighted. If you are living in Mumbai, we are sharing with you some best places to visit in December with your family. So, hop on and get ready for the voyage!

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1) Lonavala

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Lonavala is a stunning hill station in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Situated at an altitude of 622 m in the Sahyadri Range, it is one of the top hill stations you must include in your travel list to visit with your family. 

Though not many people like to face cold in the winter season, it is indeed a perfect getaway option for you (believe it or not).

Tourist Spots In Lonavala:

i) Lohagad Fort

ii) Rajmachi Point

iii) Bhushi Dam

iv) Kune Waterfalls

v) Karla Caves

vi) Tikona Fort

vii) Visapur Fort

viii) Bedsa Cave

ix) Tung Fort, among others, are some of the best places to visit while in Lonavala with family. 

Lonawala Distance From Mumbai: 95 KMs

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2) Alibaug

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Alibaug, also known as Alibag is a coastal town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is popular for beaches in Maharashtra, and definitely among the must-visit places near Mumbai to visit in December. 

Tourist Spots In Alibaug:

i) Alibaug Beach

ii) Kihim Beach

iii) Akshi Beach

iv) Mandwa Beach

v) Kashid Beach

vi) Varsoli Beach

vii) Nagaon Beach

viii) Murud Beach

ix) Kolaba Fort

x) and Murud -Janjira Fort are among the most popular places in Alibaug.

Alibaug Distance From Mumbai: 102 KMs

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3) Nashik

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Tourist Spots In Nashik:

Nashik, also referred to as Nasik, is the third-largest city by population in Maharashtra. It is popular for pilgrimage. Hence, a perfect place to visit in December near Mumbai, Maharashtra, while looking to stay away from the hustle-bustle of busy life. Apart from its religious significance, Nashik has a considerable amount of vineyards that spatter the countryside and is known as the wine capital of India. 

i) Panchavati

ii) Someshwar

iii) Ram Kund

iv) Muktidham Temple

v) Coin Museum

vi) Pandavleni Caves

vii) Sinnar, Anjaneri

viii) Trimbakeshwar are some of the most popular places to visit with family in Nashik.

Nashik Distance From Mumbai: 183 KMs

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4) Igatpuri

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Another hill station to the list. Igatpuri is a perfect weekend gateway if you are looking for peaceful and spiritual rejuvenation. You must add Igatpuri to the list of places to visit near Mumbai in December. Even though it is a hill station, this place is heaven for trekkers and hikers. 

Tourist Spots In Igatpuri

i) Bhatsa River Valley

ii) Camel Valley

iii) Tringalwadi Fort

iv) Ghatandevi Temple

v) Vaitarna Dam are among the popular places to visit in Igatpuri.

Igatpuri Distance From Mumbai: 132 KMs

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5) Bhandardara

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Bhandardara is a small hill station and a holiday resort situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It is not as popular as other hill stations, hence the perfect opportunity to visit this place. The magical place has a lot to offer. 

Here you can witness the combination of natural beauty, mountains, waterfalls, lush greenery, refreshing air, tranquility and immaculate ambiance to rejuvenate your body inside and out. Also, the place offers tonnes of opportunities for small treks and hikes for adventure lovers. 

Tourist Spots In Bhandardara:

i) Arthur Lake

ii) Randha Waterfalls

iii) Umbrella Falls

iv) Bhandardara Dam or Wilson Dam

v) Amruteshwar Temple are among the popular places in Bhandardara. 

Bhandardara Distance From Mumbai: 172 KMs

6) Kamshet

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

In love with paragliding or thinking to try it? If your answer is yes, then Kamshet is a perfect place for you. The best time to visit is between October and May. Now, you can plan a trip to this place in December, a perfect gateway option for you and your family. 

Tourist Spots In Kamshet:

i) Bhandar Dongar

ii) Raikar Farm

iii) Uksan Dam

iv) Vadivali Lake

v) Bhairi Cave

vi) Bedsa Saves

vii) Karla Caves

viii) Kondeshwar Temple are some of the best places to visit in Kamshet with family. 

Kamshet Distance From Mumbai: 102 KMs

7) Silvassa

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In December With Family

Silvassa is the capital city of Dadra and Haveli. It was once Vila de Paco d’Arc during the rule of the Portuguese. Moreover, this place will help explore the real Portuguese experience.

Also, once you visit this place, you still can find some reminiscent of Portugal. This place has some of the remains of Roman Catholics that speak unique dialects of Portuguese, therefore, making this place a must to visit with family. The time between November and March is the best to visit this place. Hence, choosing to go to this place in December is not a bad idea.

Tourist Spots In Silvassa:

i) Ban Ganga Lake

ii) Balaji Temple

iii) Vrindaban Temple

iv) Dudhani

v) Dadra Park are some of the best places in Silvassa to visit with your family.

Silvassa Distance From Mumbai: 167 KMs

Final Thoughts:

Having a small getaway once in a while with your family not only refreshes your mind but also gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them. Mentioned above are some of the best places to visit near Mumbai in December with family. Spending some time together with family is essential to strengthening the bond that the family shares.

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