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6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe

It’s a dream for most people to visit Europe one day. To witness all those magical places and to live as they have always dreamt, even for a few days. For most people, Europe travel is only possible when they are capable enough to have tonnes of money in their bank accounts or when they try to settle in one of the countries to work there. In this article, we’re writing down the top cheap countries to visit in Europe from India without burning a hole in your pockets!

Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India

Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Vienna, etc., are not the only countries that you should be focusing on while planning to visit. Because Europe, as a continent, has many dreamy places that have the power to take your breath away within your budget. Some of the cheap countries to visit in Europe are:

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1) Bulgaria

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Bulgaria tops the list to be one of the cheap places to travel in Europe. Since Paris, London, Rome, etc., stay on top of the bucket list of most people, they don’t get to explore Bulgaria. That’s how this country remains undiscovered by tourists.

Besides that, flights, accommodations, and entertainment hotspots will be the cheapest compared to what you will pay in Western Europe. If you visit this place during the off-season, which is from November to March, you can get good & discounted deals on prices. Before making your decision to visit during winter, make sure you know how to handle cold like a soldier!

Bulgaria offers you the best view of the countryside, where you can see real castles, hiking trails, villages, and other breathtaking scenery. Even though Sofia is a popular destination, visiting Plovdiv will offer you a view of over 200 archaeological sites. 

2) Romania

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
  Peleș Castle, Brasov City

If Bulgaria comes first, then Romania comes second on the list of cheap places to visit in Europe. If you have ever taken interest in Dracula, then it’s definitely a dream destination for you, as this is home to Dracula’s 14th-century Bran Castle. Situated in Brasov, you can visit here with family after booking a sightseeing day tour.

Visit the capital city Bucharest and witness some of the most enchanting structures, such as the 15th-century Old Town, Revolution Square, and Romania’s own Arch of Triumph. 

The plus point here is, eating out in Romania is really cheap. Try their local specialities, such as sarmale (cabbage rolls), cozonac (sweet bread), or mamaliga (usually served with sour cream and strong cheese). They are inexpensive, often sold at street food stalls, and perhaps a great way to get a quick introduction to Romanian food, and you will know why it is on the list of the best cheap places to travel in Europe.

3) Portugal

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
Alfama, Lisbon

The Faro District, situated in the south of the country is a popular & cheap destination known for its soft golden sands, cliffs, and lighthouses. Visit Madiera for the rugged volcanic hiking trails, the beautiful harbour, and scuba diving. June to August is the peak season. If you plan to visit after peak season, between November to February, it definitely saves you a lot of money on accommodation, food, etc.

Visit the ancient town of Evora, a World Heritage site, and the 12th-century Templar Castle and Convent of Christ in the town of Tomar. Some of the most magnificent places in Portugal do not charge any fee to explore those places. Exploring Portugal will make you realise why it is on the list of cheap countries to visit in Europe.

4) Slovenia

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
Piran, Slovenia

Surrounded by Italy, Austria, and Hungary borders, Slovenia is a mountainous country covered in dense forest. Most tourists arrive here for the shoreline, which sits against the Adriatic Sea. The country offers plenty of affordable sandy beaches and lots of sun. For cheap travel plans, it is advisable not to visit here during the summer season, which typically lasts from June through August. 

Far away from the coast, lake Bled is the best-known destination to visit while in Slovenia. Some budget-friendly destinations are the medieval town Piran, the fortified village of Štanjel, and Triglav National Park, where you get to hike to the top of Mount Triglav in two days with an overnight at a mountain hut.

5) Hungary

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
Budapest, Hungary

Hungary comes under the list of must-visit places to visit in Eastern Europe. Budapest, its capital, has a long list of free attractions, such as the Chain Bridge across the Danube and exploring the Castle Hill area. Though some of the attractions around the Castle are not free, such as the Buda Castle and the underground Castle Labyrinth, their ticket fee is inexpensive.

The best part is in June when Budapest sponsors a “Night of the Museum”, where people can visit many landmarks for free. Budapest’s oldest indoor market, the neo-Gothic Great Market Hall, is a great place to search for budget souvenirs and cheap snacks, which include many traditional Hungarian foods. 

The country’s favourite fast food is lángos, a deep-fried pizza topped with cheese, tomato sauce, or sour cream is a must to try. If you plan to travel outside Budapest, things will get more inexpensive than before. Nevertheless, Hungary has an enchanting infrastructure that will awe you in no time. Being one of the best cheap countries in Europe, you should visit here once with your family.

6) Poland

6 Top Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe From India
Wroclaw, Poland

Instead of visiting main cities, such as Krakow and Warsaw, try to travel to urban Poland. The months of March and April are ideal. During this time, the weather starts to warm up, the prices are still low, and the castles and palaces closed during the winter are opening up again, often at discounted prices.

During the off-season, famous places in Poland, such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and Schindler’s factory, are less crowded in the off-season, and you won’t waste time waiting in line.

Other attractions around Poland are either cheap or free to access, which include climbing the Old Town Hall tower for great views of Krakow, the 13th-century Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, and the ancient Bialowieza Forest. It is undoubtedly the best cheap country to visit in Europe from India with family.

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Take Away:

The countries mentioned above are the best cheap gateway to visit Europe from India with your family. These countries will not cost a lot compared to other major countries in Europe, plus it will give you a taste of what and how Europe looks like in reality. A small step toward your dream destination. 

Flights to these countries are available from all the major cities. You can check the flight rates using MakeMyTrip, Skyscanner, Kayak, etc. Also, there are various websites that offer your whole itinerary and added information if you are taking kids with you.

For more information about travel tips & tricks and other recommendations, visit PiggyRide. The platform offers all the needed information to you, especially if you plan to travel with kids. Besides that, the website delivers an extensive list of programs for kids to choose from. 

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