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Top 6 Simple DIY Bookmark Ideas For Kids

Books are the most important and valuable possessions that need good care so that they can last a lifetime. Bookmarks are an important marking tool that will ensure that your books remain in good condition. Moreover, with bookmarks, your kids will be able to keep a track of their progress and quickly return to the page where their reading session ended. Colorful, and quirky bookmarks will encourage your kids to take good care of their books and maintain them well. We have come up with a special and creative blog wherein we will talk about the simple DIY bookmark ideas for kids. And this activity will not only make your kids creative but will also help them to develop a regular reading habit.

Raw materials for bookmarks

Unique and Creative Bookmark Ideas for Kids

Today, modern bookmarks are made from a number of different materials and are also available in a range of different designs and styles. From simple bookmarks to crafty bookmarks, you can ask your kids to make bookmarks as per their needs and creativity. Furthermore, designing a bookmark will play a key role in improving the fine motor skills of your kids and also enable them to develop a regular reading habits.

In fact, handmade bookmarks can be an excellent way for kids to surprise their loved ones on occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and even Friendship Day. If you are still wondering how can kids make these bookmarks, well there are a myriad of options for customizing bookmarks based on your choice. So, let’s take a look at the simple bookmark ideas for kids.

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1. Ribbon Bookmark

Ribbon Bookmark

One of the best and perhaps the easiest bookmark that you can make with your kids is the Ribbon Bookmark. These are the non-elastic ribbon bookmarks used to accommodate the book pages thereby ensuring that you don’t lose your page again.

Materials Needed

a) Colorful ribbon.

b) Scissors.

c) Elastic rubber bands.

d) Buttons.

e) Needle and thread.


a) Start making the bookmark by cutting the ribbon into strips.

b) Then fold the ribbon from one end over ¼ inch. Now, gently fold it over ¼ inch and stitch across the design using a needle and thread.

c) Repeat the process by folding the other end of the ribbon and adding an elastic rubber band to complete one end of the ribbon bookmark.

d) Well, your ribbon bookmark is ready to make an entry in your book!

2. Postage Stamp Bookmark

Postal Stamp Bookmark

Another easy and popular way to make bookmarks for kids is the postage stamp bookmark. Moreover, this DIY activity will enable your kids to develop a liking for history and this will motivate them to collect the stamps of different countries.

Materials Needed

a) Cardboard of different colors.

b) Glue.

c) Scissors.

d) Old Postage Stamps.


a) As a first step, you have to cut the colorful cardboard into desired size and shape.

b) Now, stick the old postage stamps using glue to the board.

c) Let it dry.

If you happen to be a travel enthusiast, this old postage stamp bookmark will create a desire in you to travel around. So, get ready to travel the world with your books and bookmark.

3. Button Bookmark

Button Bookmark

Another unique and quirky bookmark that you can make along with your kids is the Button Bookmark. This simple yet quirky bookmark will pave the way for happiness around your creative kids.

Materials Needed

a) Buttons.

b) Scissors.

c) Colorful paper.

d) Hot glue gun.


a) Use colorful paper, paint, and make designs.

b) Once the sheet completely dries up, cut it into different strips.

c) Using the hot glue gun stick the buttons to the paper and your colorful bookmark is ready.

Let your kids show off their cute yet quirky bookmarks amongst their friends.

4. Rainbow Bookmark

Rainbow Bookmark

Another colorful bookmark idea to try out with your kids is the Rainbow Bookmark. The multi-colored rainbow bookmark can brighten up your kid’s day and bring a smile to their face.

Materials Needed

a) Photos of rainbow or rainbow paper.

b) White cardboard.

c) Gold and red craft paper.

d) Scissors.

e) Glue.

f) Pencil.

g) Eraser.

h) Cutout of a heart.


a) Using the whiteboard, cut an arrow shape.

b) Once that is done, then cut out thin strips that are of equal width from colored and craft papers and stick them together on the arrow shape.

c) Make multiple rainbows of different shapes.

d) Finish off the design by sticking the heart on the top end.

Voila! Your kids are ready to spread happiness and positivity with their rainbow bookmarks around them.

5. Seasonal Bookmark

Seasonal Bookmark

One of the easy bookmark ideas to try out with kids. Just like your outfit can never be complete without accessories, even your reading can never be complete without a bookmark. So, the seasonal bookmark is what you need to add to your books right now!

Materials Needed

a) Colorful paper.

b) Markers.

c) Stickers.

d) Paints.

e) Paper cutter.


a) Cut the colorful paper into thin strips with the help of a paper cutter.

b) Let your kids choose any stationery item from the given list and decorate the bookmarks as desired.

c) To further enhance the look, laminate the bookmarks.

This is one of the oldest and most simple ways to make bookmarks with kids.

6. The Doodling Monster Bookmark

Doodling Monster Bookmark

As kids, we cannot expect them to make perfect drawings and master the drawing skills like a professional. Therefore, another cute yet out-of-the-box idea to make a bookmark is using the medium of doodling.

Materials Needed

a) Googly eyes.

b) Black index card.

c) Ribbon.

d) Scissors.

e) Watercolors.

f) Marker.

g) Crayons.

h) Hole puncher.

i) Glue.

j) Printable labels.

k) Cardboard.

l) Double-sided tape.


a) Let your kids scribble a monster-like character on the index card.

b) Now using crayons and markers make doodles on the card.

c) Add arms and legs using a black marker.

d) Based on the creativity of your kids, let them scribble monster horns and smiles.

e) Using glue, allow your kids to stick googly eyes of different colors and sizes.

f) With the help of a hole puncher, insert a hole at the top center of the index card.

g) Insert a thread or a ribbon into the hole.

Using the creative yet quirky bookmark your kids will enjoy reading.

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These are the simple bookmark ideas that you can try out with your kids. Bookmarks for kids will enable them to experiment with their creativity and imagination, and this will leave a lasting impact on their overall cognitive development. Other than enhancing creativity and imagination, making bookmarks together will strengthen your family bond thereby creating memories of a lifetime.

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