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PiggyRide Got Talent – Show Your Hidden Talent To The World!

PiggyRide has launched an exceptional talent show in all categories for participants between the age of 6 to 20. It is an online event where participating candidates will get an exclusive chance to showcase their hidden talent to the world. Starting from December 25 to 29, 2022, it will provide participants ample time to prepare in whatever field they excel in.

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A Context – PiggyRide Got Talent

We know that every kid is special and that they have different & unique talents. Some may be great at singing, painting, dancing, solving chess, sports, playing musical instruments and whatnot! For these talented kids & students, we are giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you think you have a talent (be it anything that comes in our course category), we urge you to participate in it right now! It is a platform to showcase your skilful mastery in a LIVE session. We will share the Zoom link with all the participants before the auditions will start.

In our year-end talent show, we are requesting kids & students to showcase their hidden talents in all categories and join us for this marvellous online “PiggyRide Got Talent – Show Your Hidden Talent To The World” talent show 2022.

Not only that but also, in this upcoming online Talent Show, participants will get the golden opportunity to showcase their talents in various categories to an international audience. 

PiggyRide will conduct all the auditions via Zoom link, where our expert judges will assess & test your marvellous performances and based on that, you will be informed whether you have made it to the next round or not.

We request everyone (that comes under the eligible age category) to register right now for the talent show before the entry is closed. Participate in PiggyRide Got Talent and get a chance to be featured on our platform.

Besides, did we tell you that registration is absolutely FREE to participate in the talent show? You read that right. Participants do not have to pay a penny to show their talents.

Engrave the tournament date in your mind, or best, save the dates to your calendar. PiggyRide Got Talent will start from December 25 to 29, 2022. December 29 is the Grand Finale Day, when we will announce the winner of the show.

PiggyRide Got Talent - Show Your Hidden Talent To The World!

PiggyRide Got Talent – Participating Instructions 

Participating rules are very simple:

1) All the participating candidates need to be under the age of 6 to 20 years.

2) All participants need to register themselves on our website: www.piggyride.com

3) On the day of the audition, all the participants will get the Zoom meeting link to showcase their talents within a stipulated timeframe set by the PiggyRide mentors & judges.

4) Deadline to register for the same is December 24 – 11:59 PM

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Schedule Of PiggyRide Got Talent

The exclusive PiggyRide Talent Show will start on December 25, which gives all the participants a plentiful opportunity to prepare and excel in their overpowered category. If you need to practice more, learn & add new tunes & moves & strokes, this is a perfect time. Participants from various categories will exhibit their talent on a LIVE Zoom call, where our judges will evaluate your performance.

The schedule of the PiggyRide Got Talent is as follows:

December 25 – First Round Of Audition

December 26 – Second Round Of Audition

December 27 – Third Round Of Audition and announcement of participants who have reached the Semi Finale round.

December 28 – Semi Finale

December 29 – Grand Finale

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Judges Of PiggyRide Got Talent

PiggyRide, as an e-learning platform, offers numerous courses and extracurricular activities to enhance the creative side and academic skills of kids & students. The platform has courses ranging from – Music, Dance, Singing, Chess, Yoga, Sports, Rubik’s Cube, and so on. 

Since PiggyRide is inviting candidates from all categories, the judges will come from their respective fields as well to better evaluate your performance.

PiggyRide Got Talent – Prize(s) 

We are offering grand cash prizes to our winners:

1st Rank: ₹25,000/-

2nd Rank: ₹15,000/-

3rd Rank: ₹5,000/-

Visit the website and register for the talent show HERE.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? The entries are open, go and register yourself in PiggyRide Got Talent. The boss of all talent shows! 

Moreover, visit the website, PiggyRide and browse for more courses and extracurricular activities to enhance your academic mastery and creative skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) I am not a subscriber of PiggyRide. Am I still eligible to participate in the talent show?

A: Yes. PiggyRide Got Talent is open to kids & students between the age of 6 to 20 to showcase their talent to the world. You do not need to subscribe to PiggyRide in order to participate.

2) Do I have to pay any fee to participate in the show?

A: No. You don’t have to pay any participation & registration fee to be a part of this show. It is absolutely FREE.

3) What prize will a winner get?

A: The winning contestant or the winner of the show will get a cash prize of ₹25,000/- followed by ₹15,000/- for the second rank holder and ₹5,000/- for the third rank holder.

4) How will I register for the PiggyRide Talent Show?

A: The registration process is really simple:

Step – 1: Visit our website: https://www.piggyride.com/

Step – 2: Click on the PLAY option, available at the top centre of the page.

Step – 3: Select TOURNAMENT

Step – 4: A new page will come in front of you. Now click on PiggyRide Got Talent, and the rest of the participation detail will be available there.

5) What is the procedure for participating and auditioning in this online talent show?

A: As mentioned, PiggyRide Got Talent is an online talent show where all the participants will be provided with a Zoom link before the audition. Participants’ performance will be evaluated by our expert judges, who will assess your enactment. Based on that, they will decide if a contestant will move to the next round or if they will be eliminated.

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