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Celebrate Wisdom And Power This International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global event and every year it is celebrated on the 8th of March to celebrate the true spirits of womanhood. The primary purpose of the women’s day celebration is to promote women’s rights, equality, and gender fairness. Treat this day as a golden opportunity to celebrate womanhood and impart wisdom to your fellow women.

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From being a doting mother to an exceptionally qualified entrepreneur, women are capable of performing all the roles given to them. In this article, we will talk about the unique ways that will enable you to celebrate International Women’s Day with fun and excitement. The theme of International Women’s Day 2022 is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow“.

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Trendy Women’s Day Celebration Ideas In 2022

1. Participate in Workshops

women's day dance workshop

The best way to celebrate International Women’s Day is by participating in various workshops. Online workshops offer a great chance to enable women to share their heartfelt stories of exciting past and struggles. Today with the availability of the internet, you can access some really creative workshops that will make your celebrations complete. If you are planning to start your day with a lovely celebration. You must check out our website for women’s day special workshops on baking and dancing.

We are conducting free workshops on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Whether you are fond of cooking or dancing, you can access any learning resource and explore your hidden talents. The best part about online workshops is that they will encourage growth and make them more confident in life.

2. Gifting Your Fellow Women Friends

women's day gifts

International Women’s Day is all about cherishing the positive spirits of being a woman. Keeping that in mind, you can make the celebrations extra special by surprising your gal pals with exciting and creative gifts. You can express your gratitude to your fellow female friends and colleagues in a number of ways. Some of the common ways have been mentioned below-

a) Books.
b) Journals.
c) Personalized Stationery.
d) Coffee Mugs.
e) Gift cards.
f) Tshirts and Sweatshirts.

While surprising your girl pals with gifts, make sure you give them something meaningful and also that will add value to their lives.

3. International Women’s Day Bingo

women bingo

Bingo is another exciting way to celebrate womanhood and its aspirations. Moreover, it is an intriguing game that can facilitate conversation between people. This is another way by which you can get to your know your female friends and colleagues better. Bingo is the best way to know about your fellow female mates both professionally and personally. You can start the game by handing over a bingo card to each employee.

In case you are a homemaker, then you can circulate the bingo cards amongst your friends. The overall plan of this game is to play it all together. As the game will progress, participants will interact and ask questions and will strike a square every time their female pals meet particular criteria. Bingo is just another fun way to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with your female friends and colleagues.

4. Make Donations to NGOs


Making valuable contributions to the NGOs and various women philanthropies is one of the most valuable ideas to make your International Women’s Day special and memorable. All these donations are used for educating young girls. These donations also enable the concerned organizations to create awareness about female health issues and help women become self-sufficient and independent. Listed down below are some charities that you can consider-

b) UltraViolet
c) UN Women
d) Girls Who Code
e) The Malala Fund
f) Girls Inc

In case you want to make donations to any other organization you are absolutely free to do so. Because at the end of the day you are making a difference and contributing to a cause.

5. Organize Women’s Day Parties

women partying

International Women’s Day is incomplete without a party. You can make the occasion extra special by blocking the calendar for 1-2 hours where you and your female pals can party together. Make the party extra special by dancing, and playing various games together. You can make your women’s day party special in the following ways-

a) Give speeches and express your gratitude to your fellow female friends and colleagues.
b) Feast on delicious food.
c) Create a playlist of your favorite female singers.
d) In case your friend circle has a forte for art and craft, you can also host a craft session and participate in creative DIY activities.

6. Organize History Lessons

women in history

The aim of International Women’s Day is to acknowledge women’s contributions to history. You can go ahead and plan a special program that educates your female employees and friends about women’s valuable contributions to history. You can make a comprehensive program plan that will educate your friends and employees on women’s history. Some ideas have been mentioned down-

a) Host team lunch and conduct a discussion on lesser-known female historical facts.
b) You can screen a women-centric movie or a documentary.
c) Explore and learn about female art throughout the ages.

7. Conduct An Award Ceremony

women award ceremony

Recognition is important for all employees. One of the best activities to conduct on International Women’s Day is to hold an awards ceremony and honor the exceptional women in your company. You can consider the following categories of awards.

a) Women of the Year.
b) Best Mentor.
c) Exceptional Team Player.
d) Quick Learner.
e) Humble Diva.
f) Depending upon your team and creativity, you can make quirky categories.

Remember that the overall purpose of the award show is to bring attention to the quality of your teammate’s work.

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Final Words

International Women’s Day is the time to celebrate womanhood and recognize the achievements of women throughout history. You can make the festivities extra special by conducting various activities such as dance, singing, quizzes, and a lot more exciting things. Let’s take a moment to thank all the hardworking women out there who have given countless sacrifices for their kids and family members. The team of PiggyRide is highly grateful to all its female employees and tutors who have played a significant role in making this journey a memorable one.

Without you, it would have been impossible to achieve all this. Furthermore, to make your celebrations extra special, PiggyRide is organizing free workshops on International Women’s Day. From online Bollywood and Belly Dance workshops to online cooking workshops, you can enroll yourself in our free workshops and celebrate the occasion in a creative way.
The team of PiggyRide is wishing every woman a very happy women’s day. Keep empowering and keep growing!

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