Safety of your kids is our Utmost Priority

We work day & night to make sure your child is traveling safely as your child’s security is our prime responsibility. We are enlaced with various AI and ML-based technologies to make the ride of your kids an extremely safe and professional ride.

Safety Is Our Approach

We have a simple & effective platform specifically designed to keep our riders safe and give a relaxed experience to their parents.

Live GPS Track

We help you with our live GPS tracking system to track every move of the cab your kid is traveling.

Live Video Surveillance

You can even watch the video feed of the ride-on-demand captured with our 360-degree camera.

AI & ML based driver behavior scores

Through AI & ML-based technologies the driving behavior of the driver can be detected and scored.

Panic Buttons & Car Immobiliser

We have 2 Panic Buttons on both sides of every cab. The cab can also be immobilized as soon as any suspicious activities would be reported.


We can always be notified if the driver takes an off-route from the territory marked by us for a ride.

Outward Camera Feature

With the outward camera, you can keep an eye on the traffic and the road. With ADAS technology, we also get notified if the driver is not following the basic driving rules.

Drivers You Can Rely On

We onboard our drivers after a 16-step verification process which includes their background check and police verification. We make sure that they strictly follow our zero-tolerance policy and have no criminal record. Our verification process also includes a complete analysis of the vehicle in which your child is going to travel.

Our 15 Points Certification Process

Psychometric Test

We on-board drivers who pass our psychometric test and prove to have good & caring behavior towards the kids traveling through PiggyRide.

Language Verification

We make sure that all our drivers can efficiently understand Hindi & English along with the regional language(s) to avoid any kind of communication gap.

Qualification Check

All our drivers are SSC cleared so that they can understand the criticality of the terms and policies of PiggyRide well and can follow it thoroughly.

No criminal record

We do a strict criminal & background record check for every driver to make sure if he/she is legally permissible at the country and state levels for everywhere he/she has lived in the last seven years.

No sex offender record

While background checks we make sure that none of our drivers has a sex offender record.

Valid driver's license with a good driving record

We take a copy of drivers' Driving License and Aadhar Card before onboarding them to confirm they are who they say they are. We also go through their driving record when we first meet them and monitor on an ongoing basis.

Preferable Parent

We give high preference to onboard drivers who are parents themselves so that they can understand parenting to the core.

Owns or leases a vehicle not more than 5 years old seating 4- 7 passengers

We keep a copy of the drivers' registration and confirm it matches the car they are driving. We also keep a photo of their car and license plate.

Passes a 19-point mechanical vehicle inspection

We strictly do a mechanical vehicle inspection to make sure that your kids are taking a ride in a safe and legally approved vehicle.

Face To Face Interaction

We arrange an in-person meeting with a member of the Piggy Ride team to build a point of trust.

Police verification for personal background check

We go through Police -Verification of the drivers to check their background and criminal record before onboarding them.

Auto Insurance coverage

We check that the drivers have personal auto insurance coverage that meets or exceeds state-required limits.

Adopts the Piggy Ride rules & policies

We make sure that all our drivers are well- aware and trained properly about Piggy Ride rules and regulations and follow them thoroughly.

Zero Tolerance Policy for behavior

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy for smoking, drugs, and alcohol while driving.

Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate driving

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy if noticed any inappropriate driving behavior while a rider is in the car.