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Get PiggyRide and leave your pain of managing transportation to us.

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Why PiggyRide?


Save your money in terms of managing transportation & drivers and get all the tech-oriented safety features installed in the vehicle.

Brand Enhancement

Convert your institution into a brand by providing an excellent service to the parents and solving their major problem of mobility.

Safety Attached

Make your institution more safety-oriented with PiggyRide’s AI and ML-based safety features.

Time Saving For Students

Help your students in being punctual and reach their home on time through the route optimization technique of PiggyRide

Stress-Free Mobility Management

Toss off your pain of managing your academy and mobility altogether. Let PiggyRide handle the safe mobility, payment, support and supply chain management of the transportation for you.

Good Parents’ Experience

Give an overall good experience for parents by providing them and extremely professional commute facility which is safe for their kids.

What are your benefits?

Installation of GPS and Camera along with relevant tech-oriented features for more secure transportation

Route Planning and optimization

Managing backup plans for Driver absence and Vehicle breakdowns

Deployment of extra buses/ vehicles on the basis of increase in the number of students

Collection of payments directly from parents through digital channels or cash receipt books

Serving More than 400 schools/ preschools/daycares and academies

How PiggyRide will make a difference for you

  • Trustworthy
  • Safety- Oriented
  • Transparent Protocols

PiggyRide takes the safety of kids on a very serious note. All our vehicles are enabled with various technical features like GPS, Camera Surveillance, Geo-Fencing, Vehicle Immobilizers and Panic buttons. Not only this but we onboard our drivers after a strict verification which includes their background check and police-verification.

One-stop solution for your transportation

Rides For Schools

Our AI and ML-based route optimization technique used in the shared rides helps students to be punctual and reach home faster.

Get us for your academy and institution.

We get partnered with different schools/academies/preschools/daycares to ease their mobility solutions and provide better transport management.

PiggyRide for sports and extracurricular classes

We help kids to reach their academy for sports/extra-curricular activities or extra classes directly from school and then dropping them home back on time helping your team to concentrate more on academic activities.

Plan a trip for your students with PiggyRide

Want to take your students on an intercity trip or any function, book PiggyRide for your students and teachers and leave your mobility management to our team