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Yoga For Mobility In Kids [6 To 18 Yrs]
By Bafila Pankaj

Strengthen your child’s body and give them some peace of mind with the help of excellent 'Asanas' in this workshop. Help your child explore ways to think out of the box, with Yoga Warriors through this workshop from Breathe and Flow Yoga by Pankaj Shankara.

Yoga is all about being fit and sound. It is an approach to live life with positivity and stress-free. The Beginner Yoga classes by Nagul Meera Shaik will include both- theoretical and practical knowledge about asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Yoga will help students to maintain a balanced metabolism and will help in increasing flexibility and perfect posture in the body.

The class is structured into three half-an-hour parts that help in better relaxation between the steps of the workshop.It begins with relaxation, explores different asanas, and more.

Here’s what the children learn in this workshop:

  • Om Chanting
  • Strength and immunity building
  • Warm-up
  • Understanding different yoga postures and asanas
  • Helping in exploring the benefits of different yoga
  • Enhancing endurability and balance
  • The correct inhale-exhale methods
  • Warrior Posture

Students can expect professional fundamentals to advanced yoga poses like Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, Surya Namaskar, etc. Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with these healthy, interactive classes. Learn various yoga poses online, suitable for learners of all ages. 

The unique asanas( Postures) in this video are customized so that you can pair up with your child to perform yoga. Yoga is much more than stretching and postures, it is an approach for a healthy life that should be practiced daily by children and parents to promote harmony. Yoga channelizes the energy flow for better concentration in an individual.


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