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Learn Top 15 Chess Opening Strategies And Unique Chess Tactics
By Joshua Paul Classes

Chess is a type of board game that is of great significance for young brains. It is best known for improving a kid's problem-solving skills, invoking critical thinking, concentrating, and analyzing power. One of the main skills that your little one can acquire while playing chess is foresight. In this online chess tutorial, our PiggyRide chess coach Joshua Paul explains some best tips on chess, opening strategies, and more. So kids take out your chessboard and get ready to play! 

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    Shilpa Sharma
    Not only for kids but even my grandfather enjoyed it learning chess via this video. ... Read more
    Henisha Jain
    It was a very unexpected and amazing 25 minutes of experience. ... Read more
    Priyal Salecha
    Not only the chess strategies and techniques but even the teaching method was commendable. It was indeed a great experience overall. ... Read more