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Storytelling Tutorial- Improve your kid's communication skills | Learn basics of sentence crafting
By Shivangi Patel

Storytelling is one of the most creative ways of communication as of date. So, is there any better way to equip your child with this learning today rather than this storytelling workshop? It will enhance your child’s communication skills while making him/her a creative yet logical thinker.

Let’s briefly understand what your child will be equipped with after this workshop:

  • Creative communication
  • Framing a story
  • Better expressions to enhance the impact of communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentations
  • Facing real-life challenges
  • Logical yet creative thinker
  • Understanding the art of storytelling
  • Knowledge of cultures across the country and world
  • Boosts imagination
  • Promotes the ideation process
  • Independently weaving stories

Storytelling is revolutionizing the world of communication. This course will help your child in structuring his/her thoughts, framing the stories and adapting to impactful storytelling with voice modulation and puppets. This course helps in bringing out the creative storyteller in your child and prepares him/her for public speaking, presentations, and real-life challenges. Reading and sharing stories also help in understanding different cultural aspects and makes your child a global citizen.

You can always sign your child up for one of such creative workshops. To find more about the tutor and know more about the scheduled workshops and their details, click here To know more about PiggyRide, click here ;

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About Shivangi Patel

Shivangi Patel started her art journey since she was 5 yrs old. Her interest and passion for art made he to attend art competitions and won over 250+ awards for various international, national, state level painting competitions.The most prestigious among them was receiving an award at the hands of our former honorable President, Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam for an international competition and also a national awards at the hands of Actor Jitendra Kapoor. She is a self-taught artist who has learned and evolved over time. In the year 2018,She founded Mumbai Painting Studios which conducts art and painting workshops across different locations in Mumbai. They teach 50+ art forms ranging from acrylic painting, oil painting, knife painting, pencil sketching, alcohol inks, resin art and many more.... read more