Sponge and Toothbrush Painting Workshop - PiggyRide
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Sponge and Toothbrush Painting Workshop
By Priyanka Pankar

This Sky painting is inspired by Van Gogh Night paintings and the tutorial is focused on how to merge colors & shading. It will help kids to learn about composition, shading, mixing, drawing technique of trees, and landscape around it. This workshop will enhance creativity, diligence, patience, expression & growth for artistry. Sky Painting intends to make kids learn about compositions so that they will be able to create wonderful paintings that grab the attention of everyone who gets a chance to see it.

About Priyanka Pankar

Priyanka Pankar, the versatile tutor holds an MBA with +5 years of work experience in leading MNCs.However, she is immensely passionate about crafts, colors, and DIY concepts. She believes to make children creative and wants to enhance the hobbies of making crafts to be one of them. Priyanka treads on her journey of conducting classes, workshops, curating DIY kits. Do join her on this creative ride and help your kids to have fun by exploring Creativity.