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Significant Kathak Dance Mudras (Gestures)- Footwork, Handwork, Hybrid, And More
By Shivam Shukla

Kathak is one of the eight major classical dance forms of India and is known for its graceful gestures and spins. This online Kathak dance tutorial by PiggyRide dance trainer Shivam is an incredible chance for little kids to get trained in this dance form under the supervision of an experienced choreographer. In this Kathak dance tutorial video for kids, the trainer explains some preliminary dance gestures related to footwork, handwork, and then combined moves for comprehensive learning in this classical dance form. Tie up your ankle bells and get ready to learn.

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About Shivam Shukla

Shivam Shukla has Visharda, Masters, and N.E.T in Kathak dance style. He has achieved all this due to his constant efforts and innate admiration for Kathak. He is equally dedicated to imparting his dancing knowledge to young dancing enthusiasts during his classes.... read more