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Personality Development Lessons For Kids | Good Manners | Part-2 | Etiquettes, Good Behavior Tips
By Payal Jaiswal

As we all know that it is important to inculcate good manners in a young one from the early stage of development to shape their personality in the best way possible. In this part-2 of the video session, PiggyRide communication trainer Payal Jaiswal continued the lessons on good manners and gave some important tips on how to behave in different circumstances. So watch the session now and know these important good manners rules!

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About Payal Jaiswal

Payal Jaiswal is an MBA holder in HR and English. She comes with a total experience of 1 year in teaching. She ​is an English tutor and an effective communicator. Her online communication classes will train your kids in the basics of English grammar, picture reading, presentation skills, vocabulary, and a lot more. ... read more