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Practice Seven Notes of Music in the Different Pitch Levels, And Understand Pure Notes
By Pooja Mittal


Classical music is soothing and a pure delight to the ears. Learning swaras, ragas, and all about classical music for kids are now easier with online vocal classes/courses at PiggyRide. In this video session, our vocal trainer Pooja Mishra is demonstrating some significant vocal exercises, pitch techniques, swaras, and more. So kids are you ready to learn classical vocal music?

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About Pooja Mittal

Pooja Mittal, a creative artist from Kolkata aims to teach children to create different types of mandalas and filling each pattern. She teaches kids in a fun manner where they enjoy making their mandalas and explore maintaining grip and a proper balance between light and dark tones for creating different types of shapes, patterns, Monuments, figures, and Designs.... read more