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Definition of Music, Saat Swaras, Harmonium Basics And Classical Vocal Music Exercises
By Tandra Mukherjee


Hindustani Classical music or Shastreeya Sangeet is an age-old musical heritage of North India. Everything in this world possesses music of its own. In this video session, our PiggyRide music instructor Tandra Mukherjee is imparting her decade-old musical wisdom and shares some nitty-gritty details about Hindustani music, what is music, about Sa.Re.Ga.Ma.Pa, and many other concepts related to the same. So bring out your little one here and let them head start incredible classical music learning right away! 

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About Tandra Mukherjee

Tandra Mukherjee is an acclaimed and experienced vocalist with distinguished knowledge in classical music. She has a unique sense of music with a passion to teach music to willing learners. Her music classes are always full of a unique set of curriculum, knowledge, and enthusiasm.... read more