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Familiarize With Guitar Parts, Strings Names, Chords, And Finger Practices For Beginners
By Sahil Dardi

Learning a musical instrument for a kid is very easy when they practice through proper exercises and understand proper music theory. In this video lesson, our guitar trainer Sahil Dardi explains some important fundamental concepts related to the guitar. The trainer has explained some significant aspects of guitar such as guitar parts, scales, chords, fingerpicking techniques, and more. Let your little champ learn to play the guitar with the best learning resources through this interactive guitar video tutorial for beginners.


Curriculum: In this video, you will get your first guitar lesson where you can learn a lot about guitar such as-

- Anatomy of a guitar.

- Right way to hold a guitar.

- Fingerpicking techniques.

- String practices.

- Basic chords, and much more.

So kids take out your guitars and start learning! 

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About Sahil Dardi

Sahil Dardi is a certified guitar teacher, performer, and musician. He has been playing the guitar for more than 3 years now. He has trained more than 30 students in both guitar and music in general. He has also performed in various live shows, stage shows, and gigs and make music during his leisure time. ... read more