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Math Tutorial For Beginners | Part-2 | HCF | Factorization, Division, and Venn Diagram Method
By Monika Sharma

After learning all about the mathematical concept of Pi in our previous session on the occasion of International Pi day, now it's time to learn another important mathematical concept with PiggyRide trainer Monika Sharma. In this session, she has explained the concept of HCF (Highest Common Factor) while explaining some examples of different solving methods such as Prime factorization, Division method, and Venn Diagram method. Start learning!

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About Monika Sharma

Monika Sharma is a certified Vedic Math Teacher with a teaching experience of more than 15 years. She has been teaching Mathematics since 2004. She has always enjoyed doing mathematics and watching how others experience mathematics. Most of the students feel bored and pressurized when it comes to a subject like Maths. But in accordance with her perspective, a great teacher can make a difficult subject easy and fun. Being well versed in the principles of Vedic Maths, she will help you to understand complex calculations from a different perspective and shorten the time duration of doing calculations. You will learn amazing tricks which will make you capable of being human calculators.... read more