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Martial Art Workshop Online
By Sai Deepak

Get your little one ready to learn all about Martial Arts in this interesting online workshop by Sai Deepak. Stay calm, stay fit and ignite your fighting spirit. In this online workshop video, our martial art trainer Sai Deepak explains the basics of martial arts and demonstration of common defensive moves.

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About Sai Deepak

Sai Deepak was born and brought in Hyderabad, India, and has been actively involved in martial arts from a very young age. Over the years, Sai Deepak has gathered experience in various forms of art. He is the “Youngest Indian to hold 4 Individual Guinness World Records In martial arts & Fitness”. Guinness World Records (2017 – 2020), Blackbelt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, and Youth icon Awardee(Martial Arts).... read more


    Trainer method of explaining martial arts was pretty good here. Our kid enjoyed this video to the fullest and tried his hands on some of the martials art gestures.... Read more