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Life Mastery Online Workshop For Kids
By Sameer Narad

Life is all about ups and downs and it's a real-life roller coaster of hurdles & aids. This motivational online life mastery workshop for kids is a small initiative by PiggyRide to help kids motivate enough to help them achieve their long-run goals. In this wonderful workshop video, our trainer Sameer Narad has shared his precious wisdom with kids. Let's find out some life-changing success mantras and how to be a master of our life. 

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About Sameer Narad

I’m Sameer Narad, blessed with an educational background of Electrical engineering from VJTI(Diploma) , SPCE(Degree) and two years PGDM in marketing management. I worked for six years with Blue Star limited in R & D as an assistant manager. My Core passion is to motivate people and help create success stories. I myself have been undergoing various training programs for the past 16 years under noted National as well as international trainers, to learn in depth about the intricacies of the Human Behavior. Discovery of my innate potential happened due to science of Dermatoglyphics. I have been trained in below mentioned subjects- - Train the trainer - Mind power and personality development with many national and international trainers - DMIT (fingerprint science to understand an individual so training or personality development becomes very easy) - Sound and frequency healing - NLP (Neruo linguistic programming) subconscious re-imprinting master practitioner cum coach programme. - Yoga and Bramhvidya (spiritual breathing exercises) - Certificate in personal counseling (Robert Carkhuff's model of counseling) - Certificate in advanced training program based on rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) In 2015, I started conducting my own Motivational Seminars and since then I have trained over 24000 people through 500 seminars/webinars and created many success stories through training and counseling. In this journey of motivating masses & individuals, spark ignited in my childhood for mystic science, spirituality and metaphysics through my Sadguru Shri Bhanudas Gawade ( Ex- IAS , IRAS ) and later in my life by many national as well as international trainers. Apart from this I’m a DMIT counselor (This uses fingerprint science to understand the ingrained personality traits and hence facilitates training of that individual), Sound – frequency healer (Sound and frequency healing by Tibetan singing bowls, tuned pipes are magical for stress management and opening energy centers of the body) and NLP practitioner. Training can help resolve any challenge in life with respect to health, relationship, finance, stress, self belief, creativity etc. Training activities can program minds at its subconscious levels. I have been observing great transformations in the life of others as well as mine as well. Great transformation I have been experiencing in my life as well of others.... read more