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Kuchipudi Dance Tutorial For Beginners | Namaskaram, Three Warm-Up Steps in Kuchipudi
By Dharani

Kuchipudi is one of the eight major classical dance forms of India and you can learn its fundamentals at home with interactive learning sessions by PiggyRide dance trainer Vemula Dharani. In this video tutorial, she has taught about the correct posture and demonstration of Kuchipudi Namaskaram. She has also given a brief insight into three warm-up steps in Kuchipudi. So stream the session and kickstart your Kuchipudi learning journey with us.

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About Dharani

Vemula Dharani, from Visakhapatnam, is a dance teacher and can teach Kuchipudi and semi-classical dance forms. She has Completed Degree Bsc and a diploma in Kuchipudi dance from Pottisreeramulu university. During her classes, she teaches correct dance postures, gestures, elegance, stage performance, and much more.... read more


    Tried some basic steps along with this tutorial. Great one!👌... Read more
    Ridhi Dogra
    I would recommend this tutorial to all the kids you have passion for dance. Amazing video with in-depth details.... Read more