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Know The Basics of Kathak Dance
By Amruta Arvind Hadap

Kathak is one of the most popular traditional dance forms of North India. The graceful gestures and appealing footwork complete this dance style as an art piece. In this video, our Piggy Ride Kathak trainer Amruta Arvind Hadap has presented some fundamental terms and moves of Kathak.

If your kid is willing to learn this amazing dance form, you can enroll him/her in our Kathak classes on Piggy Ride to get trained from online sessions. Express your true self with traditional Indian dance styles.

Curriculum: In this video, our Piggy Ride Kathak trainer will introduce you to the fundamentals of Kathak.
Your child will learn the following:
Basics of Kathak
Mudras and gestures
Footwork for beginners
How to start and end the dance

Please write back to us at or call us at +91-6364636263 for more information.

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About Amruta Arvind Hadap

The classes at Amruta Arvind Hadap Classes will be conducted by Amruta who has graduated from kathak visharad & has 3 years of experience in teaching. Her classes will help students to make all expressions flawlessly.... read more