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Kick Start Your Kid's Guitar Learning

Music has proven psychological benefits on a kid's brain. Learning to play a musical instrument such as guitar improves the cognitive abilities and fine motor skills of a kid. In this introductory video lesson, the first guitar class is presented by Kenan Trivedi to introduce little learners to the basics. The trainer has explained some significant aspects of guitar before getting started with the full-fledged training.

If you have just started learning guitar, you can get comprehensive training with Piggy Ride online guitar classes for beginners. From basic to advanced classes will cater to the needs of learners of every age and knowledge level.

Curriculum: In this video, you will get your first guitar lesson where you can learn a lot about guitar such as
- Anatomy of a guitar
- Right way to hold a guitar
- Finger techniques
- Basic chords

Please write back to us at or call us at +91-6364636263 for more information.

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