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Keyboard Tutorial For Beginners| White & Black Keys, Keyboard Chart, Clef Signs
By Surendhar

Playing a keyboard is a good fine motor exercise for children and hence must be promoted among all young music lovers. In this online keyboard video tutorial for beginners, PiggyRide trainer Surendhar has explained the basics of musical keyboard with as simple concepts as white & black keys. Trainer has taken the reference of John Thompson's easiest piano course for explaining the fundamentals. So grab your keyboard and let's start creating mesmerizing melodies. 

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About Surendhar

Surendhar, the expert musician in learning music since 20 years & has experience of 4 years in teaching -Piano, Keyboard & Violin. His classes are interactive & helps learners to learn from the scratch.He has performed many times and got awards. He has worked with top musicians. Surendhar has completed Piano grade 6 in Rockschool music and done certifications in Carnatic music as well. He teaches Western music for piano/Keyboard and Carnatic music for keyboard, Violin and singing.... read more