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Get to Know The Brief About Kathak Dance Form- Origin, Nature & History, And More
By Ashlesha Dubey Joshi

Kathak is one of the major Classical Dance forms of India and gives emphasis on poses, expressions, grace, hand, eye, and body movements and footwork, and the enactment of stories and portrayal of rhythmic structures. In this video tutorial, our PiggyRide Kathak trainer Ashlesha Dubey Joshi imparts her dance wisdom on this amazing dance form. So kids let's tie up your ankle bells and get ready!

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About Ashlesha Dubey Joshi

Ashlesha Dubey Joshi, the versatile Kathak Tutor has a rich teaching experience of 12 years with various schools across Lucknow like CMS. She has completed Visarath from Bhatkhande, Lucknow and BPA from Indira Kala University. Her sessions will help to lay a strong foundation for Kathak & will help them immensely to explore it well.... read more