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Fundamentals of Gujarati Language | Greetings And Its 4 Types, Festive Phrases, Everyday Sentences
By Disha Mehta

Gujarati language is native to the Gujarat state of India and is mainly spoken by Gujarati people. In this video session, PiggyRide Disha Mehta is teaching some basic fundamentals of this language by explaining Formal, Informal, and Festive greetings, along with common everyday phrases. Learn to speak in Gujarati like a native speaker by learning with this amazing video tutorial for beginners.

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About Disha Mehta

Disha Mehta is a skilled trainer who has been training kids for the past 5 years. She has taken online art sessions all across the world. She teaches many forms of arts, from the fundamentals to the novice level. Her primary goal is to assist children in developing their artistic ability and learning new painting techniques.... read more