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Fundamentals of Chess | Part- 5 | Basics of Planning in Chess | Live Demonstration
By Sumit Kumar Srivastava

Forecasting and planning skills play a vital role in playing chess as a good player. In continuation of learning chess for beginners, FIDE-rated PiggyRide chess coach Sumit Kumar Srivastava has come up with another important video tutorial for chess players. In this Part-5 of the session, he has taught the basics of planning in chess, its importance, and how to master the same. So watch the session now!

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About Sumit Kumar Srivastava

Sumit Kumar Srivastava is a FIDE-rated chess player (Std Rating 2005) since year 2004. He has participated in many state/national/international and Inter Railway chess championships. As far as chess tuition is concerned, he has given training to many students in Delhi and was also associated in the year 2013 with a training academy run by one of the reputed IM in Hyderabad. ... read more