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Fun With Numbers (Vedic Maths Workshop)
By J V Nayak

Vedic maths techniques open the mind to a whole new & quick approach to doing calculations. It is not pretty useful in the field of studies as well as day-to-day life calculation requirements. In this workshop video, our maths & abacus trainer J V Nayak is explaining the basics of Vedic maths, some useful calculation tricks, and foundational concepts of mental maths.

About J V Nayak

J V Nayak, the founder, and the tutor at CLV Abacus has an overall experience of 15 years of teaching. He holds an engineering degree and has also completed a master's Maths from Kuvempu University. The tutor is well-known among kids for his amazing techniques of teaching. He has also worked as a lecturer at Karnataka regional engineering college, Suratkal.


Bhavna Bhira Sahni
Bhavna Bhira Sahni
Bhavna Bhira Sahni
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