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Free Guitar Workshop For Beginners
By Graham Gonsalves

Playing the guitar builds confidence. Learning to play an instrument can gradually improve your confidence. It teaches you valuable skill and sharpens your concentration. It increases memory capacity and aids children's development. It keeps your mind sharp as you grow older. Piggy Ride brings various kids online classes, based on age, level of skill, and interest of kids. You can choose from a variety of interactive live classes including dance, music, yoga and many other activities.

About Graham Gonsalves

Graham Gonsalves, the versatile teacher has 5 years of experience in teaching music to passionate learners. Currently, he is working as an online Guitarist. He has worked with Sufi rock band AR DIVINE under Padmashree KAILASH KHERin the year 2019-2020 and have composed Marathi gospel albums. Graham Jacob has Cleared Trinity Grade 3 Examination for ROCK&POP category with a distinction and currently pursuing grade 5. Also, he has Cleared the Furtados school of music examination.