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Familiarize With Kathak Dance Style| Tatkaar, Teental, Kathak Mudras, Naman, Chaugunn
By Raju Kumar

Kathak is based on the concept of Katha, which means storytelling. Your little one can gain significant skills for this North Indian classical dance style with this interactive online video tutorial for kids. In this tutorial, our PiggyRide Kathak dance trainer Raju Kumar has explained some preliminary concepts related to Tatkaar, Naman, Teentaal, and other related Kathak mudras. So tie up your ankle bells and let's start learning Kathak.

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About Raju Kumar

Raju Kumar is a professional Kathak dancer under Padma Vibhushan Pd. Birju Maharaj Ji, Kala Ashram. He is learning Kathak under Guru Renu Sharma Ji. He has over 8 years of experience in Kathak and folk dance. Also, he is pursuing Visharad from Bhatkhande University.... read more