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Easy Kathak Tutorial For Beginners | Part-1 | Kathak Namaskaram, Hand moves, Footwork, Postures
By Radhika Bharadwaj

Learn all the fundamental gestures of North Indian classical dance style Kathak with this interactive online tutorial. In this video tutorial, PiggyRide dance trainer Radhika Bharadwaj has taught about Kathak Namaskaram, footwork, spins, hand movements, Tatkar bols, and more. So stream the tutorial now!

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About Radhika Bharadwaj

Radhika Bharadwaj- Is a passionate dance lover and has an excellent hold on Communication skills as well. She holds a diploma in kathak from pracheen Kala Kendra kathak, Chandigarh, and is currently pursuing psychology honors from Panjab university. Radhika believes an individual should be multi-talented and should acquire essential skills for that reason, she offers classes for dance as well as personality development.... read more