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Fun Pencil Color Drawing Sessions For Kids!
By Rumana Ali

Sketching and colouring using Pencil colours is the easiest art for children. This workshop video intends to help children to learn and draw an amazing sketch by using pencil colours. During the workshop, they learned simple yet amazing pencil colour tricks for creating a fun art piece.

Here’s what the students learnt during the workshop:

  • Introduction to different shapes
  • Introduction to different pencil colours
  • Parallel Lines
  • Recognising different body parts through the painting
  • Detailing with colours and shades
  • Blending Techniques
  • Pattern Recognition

In this pencil drawing workshop, your child will learn a system to draw hands, eyes, portraits and any object imaginable! They will also explore how to create and use axis lines to make getting proportions easy. Techniques to draw viewers attention to desired focal points in their drawings will be taught especially so that their creativity soars. Shading is a technique that takes your drawing to the next level giving it a realistic appeal. It helps in enhancing the shapes and light of an object in a picture.

The session included refining the techniques and creativity to practice blending techniques to enhance creativity for sketching art form. 

You can always sign your child up for one of such innovative workshops. 


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About Rumana Ali

Rumana Ali is a self-taught artist & architect by profession with 3+ years of experience and has taught numerous art enthusiasts. Rumana believes that Art is a therapy, and boosts the morale of an individual. For her, Art keeps her content and happy and she recommends children to learn any form of art for peace of mind and creativity. she feels incorporating arts in kids' encourages creative thinking and confidence in them.... read more