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Chocolate Making Tutorial For Kids
By Pooja Bhojwani

The Chocolate making tutorial is for all kids out there who love to eat and make chocolates. They can learn it instantly in the session and then make it every time at home for themselves. Homemade chocolates are healthier and good to eat. In this workshop, kids will learn making 5 different types of chocolates: Fruit and nut chocolate Dairy Milk Double chocolate Crackle chocolate Oreo Chocolate Isn't it exciting and mouth-watering?

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About Pooja Bhojwani

Pooja Bhojwani, the versatile art & craft teacher holds a degree in psychology. She is inclined towards her hobby of making marvelous art and craft pieces. She believes it makes her happy to teach students different art forms. Likewise, she wants to spread love, joy, and skills among children.... read more