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Basics of Story Writing For Kids | What is Story Writing? | Story Theme, Characters
By Meghna Agarwal


Storytelling sessions are always fun to watch and attend for the little ones. Today we are going to learn something very interesting which is the basics of story writing. In this video tutorial, PiggyRide trainer Meghna Agarwal has taught some basic concepts of story writing such as story plot, theme, and characters, by giving some examples of popular stories. Stream now!

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About Meghna Agarwal

Meghna Agarwal, from New Delhi, is a tutor for English language and personality development. She can teach students who want to learn the English language and communication skills from basic to advanced levels to enhance their overall personality traits. She has worked with various schools, taught students online, and believes that English communication is very crucial in every facet of our life. ... read more


    Ridhi Dogra
    A very comprehensive video giving all the important details about the world of storytelling. I would recommend to all the writers and the storytellers to watch this video and see how they can also work on their storytelling skills.... Read more