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Basics of Classical Music For Kids | Ragas, Thaat, Sargam, Alankar, Raga, Sur
By Ramesh Sharma


Sangeet or music is the base of life. Everything in this world possesses music of its own. In this video tutorial, our PiggyRide music trainer Ramesh Sharma explains some nitty-gritty details about classical music and many other concepts related to the same. So kids get ready to learn all about classical music.

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About Ramesh Sharma

Ramesh Sharma is a well-qualified and inspirational teacher of music who can't only raise the quality of teaching, but also develop a culture of learning and high aspiration right across a school's musical department. He is having excellent subject knowledge. A good sense of humor and a strong desire to provide her pupils with a world-class education. He guaranteed to be able to stretch all pupils to their fullest potential.... read more