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Basic Dholak Tutorial For Beginners | Part-9 | Ninth Dholak Exercise, Hand Variations
By Rohan Jain

If you want to gain some confidence in playing dholak as a beginner player, these dholak exercises will help you polish your existing skills to a great extent. We have covered about eight exercises till now, and this tutorial is all about the ninth dholak exercise. In this part-9 of the video tutorial for beginners, PiggyRide trainer Rohan Jain has ninth dholak's hand exercises for beginner-level players. So take your dholak out and try out these exercises now!

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About Rohan Jain

Rohan Jain is a B.Com graduate and a passionate music lover. He comes with a total experience of 3 years in the music industry and he has hands-on knowledge on various aspects of music such as guitar, dholak, and keyboard.... read more


    Ridhi Dogra
    A must watch tutorial for all the music enthusiasts and Dholak lovers.... Read more