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Basic Dholak Tutorial For Beginners | Part-11 | Tenth Dholak Exercise, Keherwa Taal Variations
By Rohan Jain

In the previous dholak session, we learned about Keherwa taal, and its maatras. After practicing ten significant exercises of Dholak, let's move on to some new concepts in the same by practicing the 11th exercise in this interactive learning tutorial. In this part-11 of the video tutorial for beginners, PiggyRide trainer Rohan Jain has taught Keherwa taal variations where you'll learn about playing tabla using both hands. So start streaming and polish your skills in playing tabla!

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About Rohan Jain

Rohan Jain is a B.Com graduate and a passionate music lover. He comes with a total experience of 3 years in the music industry and he has hands-on knowledge on various aspects of music such as guitar, dholak, and keyboard.... read more